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Gunjan Kamra is a certified Yoga instructor, stress management, and diabetic management trainer from S-VYASA Yoga University, Bangalore. She specializes in strength and flexibility training with Yoga, therapeutic healing, and cyclic meditation. She practises a number of yoga styles, ranging from chair yoga to bhakti yoga and karma yoga. She has consulted both corporates and individuals on exercise, diet, and lifestyle.

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Profile image of Sanhita Parab

Sanhita Parab 28/12/2020

It was great! Easy to attend. Very nice instructions. Easy to follow

Profile image of Reema Chauhan

Reema Chauhan 15/12/2020

lovely workout sessions. Thanks, Kamra Ji

Profile image of Ghazal Khanna

Ghazal Khanna 15/12/2020

Gunjan is genuine and her training methods were on point for me, quite a constructive session.

Profile image of Soumya Karkera

Soumya Karkera 15/12/2020

I have a lot of appreciation for her and I wish I had a sister like her-- it would have been so nice to have someone like her to learn from and train with.

Profile image of Sana Malhotra

Sana Malhotra 15/12/2020

It was such a valuable experience from start to finish for me.

Profile image of Prashant Bhopatkar

Prashant Bhopatkar 15/12/2020

Best Yoga Backbend Workshop.It's seriously well thought of.

Profile image of Sufia Zaki Ahmed

Sufia Zaki Ahmed 15/12/2020

What an amazing experience

Profile image of Nilanjan

Nilanjan 15/12/2020

She is also very attentive and easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor. Her cues are on point and very helpful as I try to improve my technique and go deeper into the stretches.

Profile image of Priyanka Mehta

Priyanka Mehta 15/12/2020

Thanks, Gunjan beta for the classes. It was beautiful and informative.

Profile image of Priyanka Nandanwar

Priyanka Nandanwar 15/12/2020

She encouraged me through each posture and I felt like I'm really doing it! I have made vast improvements during my sessions with her.

Profile image of Nitesh Dave

Nitesh Dave 08/01/2021

Good experience

Profile image of Dwani Guru

Dwani Guru 15/12/2020

Excellent training for a senior citizen like me. Thank you so much Gunjan Kamra, you are a wonderful yoga teacher, I love practicing with you.

Profile image of Paushali Saha

Paushali Saha 15/12/2020

I really love how perfectly the standing poses are laced. It makes the practice interesting. keeps the mind engaged. thank you so much for sharing your creativity with me

Profile image of Anukampa Kalia

Anukampa Kalia 15/12/2020

Thank you! Creative & challenging with room for me to grow.

Profile image of Sirsha Das

Sirsha Das 15/12/2020

Love love this one! felt so strong and refreshed

Profile image of Adhiraj Jain

Adhiraj Jain 15/12/2020

You've got the kind of grace in movement that comes from strength! Very Nice

Profile image of Rashmi Singh

Rashmi Singh 15/12/2020


Profile image of Aparup Thakuria

Aparup Thakuria 15/12/2020

Really really nice. Thank you:)

Profile image of Rashmi Deshmukh

Rashmi Deshmukh 15/12/2020

I loved this practice! It was challenging and included a lot of new postures, but somehow I could do most of them. Thank you

Profile image of Kaushal Shah

Kaushal Shah 15/12/2020

Highly recommended

Profile image of Yukti Shikha

Yukti Shikha 15/12/2020

Well that was surprisingly fun!

Profile image of Saba Tasmia Trisha

Saba Tasmia Trisha 15/12/2020

Super challenging but so smooth and seamless with the transitions. I feel great! Thank you.

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