Dt. Srishti Arora

Dietitian, Nutritionist, Cosmetologist, and Managing Director at 'Nutrivarcity'


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Dietitian Srishti Arora is a Dietitian, Nutritionist, Cosmetologist, and Managing Director at 'Nutrivarcity' with over a decade of experience. 

A graduate of Jodhpur National University, Srishti has made a name for herself due to her ability to demystify nutrition, wellness, and associated concepts. This has made her a sought-after public speaker in this field. 

After working with big-name brands such as Amway and Lakme, she founded Nutrivarcity, an independent and registered trademark organization that seeks to help others educate, learn, and grow. 

Through Nutrivarcity, Srishti offers various diplomas, certification courses, and online programs on topics such as child nutrition, weight management, and community nutrition. These programs incorporate in-depth knowledge of nutrition and food science with cultural and social contexts. 

A vocal champion of health and nutrition, Srishti has conducted various workshops, sessions, and training programs for schools, corporates, MNCs, government bodies, private clubs, Indian embassies, colleges, and sports camps across the nation and abroad. 

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