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সার্টিফাইড সাইকিয়াট্রিক কাউন্সেলর এবং সার্টিফাইড অ্যাডভান্স কেরিয়ার কাউন্সেলর


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ড. শ্রীতমা মিত্র ঘোষ সাইকোলজিতে M.A. এবং Ph.D করেন। তিনি ইন্ডিয়ান সাইকোঅ্যানালিটিক্যাল সোসাইটি থেকে একজন বিশিষ্ট সার্টিফাইড সাইকিয়াট্রিক কাউন্সেলর, ভারতের বোদহামি থেকে তিনি একজন সার্টিফাইড অ্যাডভান্স ক্যারিয়ার কাউন্সেলর। প্রায় ৯ বছর ধরে লেকচারার হিসাবে বিজয় কৃষ্ণ গার্লস কলেজের সাথে যুক্ত। সহকারী মনোবিজ্ঞানের শিক্ষিকা এবং স্কুল কাউন্সেলর হিসাবে বর্তমানে এইচ.এম.শিক্ষা কেন্দ্র সিবিএসই-এর সাথে সংযুক্ত। 

বর্তমানে তিনি Spark.Live এ যুক্ত হয়েছেন, আপনারা মানসিক যেকোনো ওঠা পড়ায় ড. শ্রীতমা মিত্র ঘোষের সঙ্গে অনলাইনে যোগাযোগ করে নিতে পারবেন। 

Testimonials (26)

Profile image of D.Ghosh

D.Ghosh 17/12/2020

Counsellor is very friendly, listens and understands the issues faced by the patient. Accordingly provides the steps to get out the problems. In short, the counseling sessions are very helpful.

Profile image of S.Kundu

S.Kundu 17/12/2020

Regarding the feedback of my session, I can say that it is a wonderful session which was conducted by Sritama mitra ghosh maam. She is a very good listener and motivational person. She is very approachable. She understood my problem then advised me what to do or not to do in the current situation. She replied in whenever her advice needed.

Profile image of A.Basu

A.Basu 17/12/2020

I met Dr Sritama Mitra Ghosh through Dr P. Hait, family doctor of my husband’s senior officer. I had two sessions with her till now and she conversed with my husband once. In these two sessions she has addressed my problems with a very practical and subjective manner. I never felt the usual doctor patient barrier as she approached with a very personal touch. Most of her references are very contemporary which I felt very realistic and easy to grasp. With the help of some exercises only now I am feeling quite better and in control. With the anxieties getting less day by day I am feeling more positive and my focus is turning towards more constructive works. Looking forward for coming sessions as I believe she will help me to get rid of my all negativities and bring back the positive and fresh attitude towards life. Thank you mam.

Profile image of A. Chakraborty

A. Chakraborty 17/12/2020

I was very much comfortable with her everytime. The way she talks it automatically generates trust in her. She can easily predict many of my thoughts. Due to her valuable advices till now i am in a right path of life. After the counseling with her i have changed alot.Thanks mam

Profile image of Sayani Dey

Sayani Dey 04/01/2021

Very informative session

Profile image of Tanovi Koley

Tanovi Koley 04/01/2021

It's a very good experience

Profile image of Ashim Boral

Ashim Boral 04/01/2021

It was a pleasure attending the lecture and also because it was a good introduction to the topic. I think half an hour is not enough to know everything about the subject because for that a one to one counseling session would be helpful. Please let me know where she visits her patients/ clients.

Profile image of Pooja Mukherjee

Pooja Mukherjee 04/01/2021

Nice explanation within a short time period.

Profile image of Sandipa Ganguly

Sandipa Ganguly 04/01/2021

It was very good

Profile image of Priyanka Maity

Priyanka Maity 04/01/2021


Profile image of Shohel Matin

Shohel Matin 11/06/2021


Profile image of Md Abu Shayem

Md Abu Shayem 11/06/2021


Profile image of Partha Sarathi Parial

Partha Sarathi Parial 10/06/2021

It Will be more helpful if you send me the ppt or pdf file of the program please

Profile image of Hridoy Podder

Hridoy Podder 10/06/2021

আমার খুবি ভালো লেগেছে ,এটি সত্যি অসাধারণ ছিল। আমি ধন্যবাদ জানাতে চাই spark.com এরকম একটি সেমিনার আয়োজন করার জন্য।।আমি আরো একবার এই সেশনের যুক্ত হতে চাই, আমরা আরো কিছু সমস্যা সমাধানের বাকি আছে।

Profile image of Swagata Das

Swagata Das 10/06/2021


Profile image of Mohammed Nurul Islam

Mohammed Nurul Islam 09/06/2021

I am so happy for this.

Profile image of S.M.Mobassher Ahmed Fuad

S.M.Mobassher Ahmed Fuad 09/06/2021

আমি অংশগ্রহণ করতে পারিনি।অভিজ্ঞতার কথা কি বলব?

Profile image of Sriparna Chatterjee

Sriparna Chatterjee 09/06/2021

It's a very friendly discussion

Profile image of Sandipa Ganguly

Sandipa Ganguly 09/06/2021

Psychiatric counsellor

Profile image of Ashmita Ghosh

Ashmita Ghosh 09/06/2021

Extremely helpful and informative session

Profile image of Dr Samir Chowdhury

Dr Samir Chowdhury 09/06/2021

Very informative session

Profile image of Iram Ajmain Mugdho

Iram Ajmain Mugdho 09/06/2021


Profile image of Sayani Dey

Sayani Dey 09/06/2021

Very informative

Profile image of Sarower Deep

Sarower Deep 09/06/2021

Good but expectation was better

Profile image of Sayan Deb

Sayan Deb 09/06/2021


Profile image of Ayshee Maji

Ayshee Maji 09/06/2021

It was amazing to learn these things.

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