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My 45 years of professional experience as a Medical Practitioner & as a General Surgeon working in various parts of Kerala, India revealed a lot of Insightful Thoughts & Facts in life, especially about the persons seeking Health Support in various categories.

Later in my career, after extensive research & study, I have found the following fact that along with physical cure, Mental, Emotional, Psychological & Spiritual Healing is also needed for all to experience a state of Wellbeing, Harmony & Happiness. Moreover, Pain is an alarming symptom which needs a total cure of the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological & Spiritual Levels.

Most of the time, we attribute disease and illness to the physical plane alone. The true picture is entirely different. After extensive studies & research, I could find out that every disease starts in the Mind. And finally, I understood the importance of Mind-Body Connection (Mind-Body-Soul Integration) in the Healing Process.

Let us realize that the most important & precious possession in our life is our mind. Our whole life in expression & perception of our mind. We cannot experience and enjoy anything other than what is perceived by the mind. Unless & until there is a radical positive change in our mind setup, there is no freedom, no liberation, no harmony, no happiness, no love & peace in our life and the whole world at large.

Just like a virus creating a problem to the personal computer, our negative thoughts, emotions, words, situations, challenges, comments, images & the like many things will act as a virus and will affect our mind & brain (The Biggest Sophisticated Computer) and our whole physical and mental functioning become deranged or corrupted & will present as various physical & mental diseases and illness. Usually, the physical symptoms are manifested very gradually and will be noticed only when it becomes an emergency. When we say the virus, it is a negative thought or a script that was registered in our mind & brain at some point in time, knowingly or unknowingly.

With this understanding & awareness, I had filtered & customized the recent advances in Science, Technology, Neural Sciences, Psychology, Spirituality, Mind Re-Programming, and the like, many methods & finally evolved a process called PSYCHO-TECHNOLOGY.

Over the years, I was a Surgeon of the Human Body, now I am a Surgeon of the Human Mind.

It is a blend of Age-Old Vision & Wisdom with New Age Scientific Knowledge aiming at eradicating the deep-rooted Fear, Phobia, Anxiety, Tension, Conflicts, and the like Negative Emotions & Mental Blocks, enabling each and everybody to experience & enjoy a Stress-Free, Harmonious, Happy & Balanced Life.It is a blend of Age-Old Vision & Wisdom with New Age Scientific Knowledge aiming at eradicating the deep-rooted Fear, Phobia, Anxiety, Tension, Conflicts, and the like Negative Emotions & Mental Blocks, enabling each and everybody to experience & enjoy a Stress-Free, Harmonious, Happy & Balanced Life.

The methodology we are presenting is working at the subtle level of the Human Mind- at the Sub-neuronal level of the human brain, resulting in radical positive transformation in our innermost being and our entire life.

Our Psycho-Technology helps each and everybody to experience and enjoy a renewed life journey with a great destination and difference in the days to come.

Testimonials (7)

Profile image of Gopalakrisnapilla Ps

Gopalakrisnapilla Ps 30/01/2021

From early childhood, My life was not at all smooth due to various miseries and sufferings and mental blocks, maybe due to myself and my parents who were always in constant conflicts. This had created a lot of negative impacts and painful memories in my life which were haunting me most of the time. Brought-up in such a situation, my education & career were also not up to the mark and somehow I am managing my life, with the constant struggle to cope up with my life problems. Recently , I thought that I should change my self mainly from my unhealthy habits and behaviour. I had tried my best and wandered here and there and met many advisers, mentors, psychological counsellors and gone to several spiritual persons and followed many systems. At times, I had some relief which was not consistent and so I dropped out all these methods. At one time, I thought that I will never seek any support. Even I thought that I will end my life. Unintentionally , one of my close relatives, who had an appointment with Dr Purushothaman mentioned about him. I thought that why can't I meet him, just for curiosity. After a few phone calls, I could connect to him in person and he gave me a special session. Contrary to my expectation, I could see a senior doctor in his usual dress code who interviewed me with special focusing gestures and I was puzzled. After some time, he listened to me for a few minutes and revealed all my mental and emotional problems just like a witness. I was astonished and all my thoughts came to a standstill and I was in a different state. At that point, he gave me some special whispering mental words. I had a changed state of mind. A few minutes later, I have regained the normal mental level. I had a feeling that something has dramatically happened and now I am a changed person. He gave me some special mental method to be practised regularly and now I am a really changed person and I am cool and calm and I can move forward with courage and confidence. My approach to life is changed. I believe that Dr Purushothaman is doing a special type of mental healing, erasing all the memories and emotions and psychological traumas, and leading to total transformation. It may be a type of mind re-programming or past life regression. I am sincerely thankful to him for his wonderful healing method, totally different from the conventional therapies. Actually, this type of help is the necessity of the time. The session via Spark Platform was a relaxing experience

Profile image of Shambu Prabhakaran

Shambu Prabhakaran 25/01/2021

Self-help is the best help- this is something we all learned at school, but I only applied it much later in life. When after my session with Dr.Purushothaman I realized what I was missing out on life. I was ignoring my own capabilities and blaming luck for everything that went wrong in life. He gave me a new perspective and I focused on hard work rather than do nothing and wait for results. Thank you Dr Purushothaman at Living in Wellbeing for helping me to get freedom from all my negativities and initiating minor potentials for a positive change in my life. Through the Spark platform, our session was very easy.

Profile image of Asha Manoj

Asha Manoj 21/01/2021

Most of the time we are uncertain about the way of life where we are going. To me, life was a challenge from the earlier days. Like anybody else, I had various ambitions and dreams, but my life turned out in a different direction for reasons unknown to me. Really at one point, I was helpless about what to do, how to proceed and what next. I had wasted a lot of time and effort to find out an appropriate answer, guidance and support. Even my close friends or relatives could not help me. In search of the same, as usual, I met many known persons, mentors and counselors and followed their advice, but was not at all beneficial to me. I had also attended many motivational classes, workshops and seen many self-help videos on YouTube, but the result was nil. I was really worried and went to various spiritual places also. Recently, while googling I got the details of Dr.Purushothaman at Living In Wellbeing and decided to meet him. After a few phone calls, I got an appointment with him at Centre For Human Perfection, Kollam. The first session with him was amazing. He listened to my story patiently. 1 thing I noticed, he watched my body language and movements very keenly. Surprisingly, after I completed my narrations he revealed the true picture of my mental state, my attitude, approach and many other things, which I am not writing here. He said that he is not doing any counseling or advice, but a mind programing method which is altogether different from the classical approach. While listening to him, he had taken me to a changed state of mind- I don’t know how it happened. Then he gave me some specific mental script and after some time, I regained my normal state. I had an unexplainable experience and joy after the session. I had a feeling that I had changed. By the end of the session, he directed me to continue some special tips and methods to be practiced daily. He was very particular that the communication between us should be kept confidential. I went home in a fully relaxed state and all my heaviness in my heart had gone forever. As advised, I started practicing what he said regularly and made it a habit. Actually, small changes started in my life after 3 days. And I could notice wonderful changes gradually. Now I am fully confident, courageous and I have redefined my life and I am leading a happy and purposeful life at home and workplace. I occasionally contact him for some support and he is ready to help me as time permits during his busy schedule. One thing is definite, what Dr.Purushothaman is doing is entirely different from the classical approach. I think that it is a Healing of the mind based on scientific evidence with a Divine Blessing. Thank you, sir, for the life-changing support given to me, and you will remain in my heart and mind forever

Profile image of Arun Raj

Arun Raj 16/01/2021

I couldn't get proper guidance, help & advice in the correct time to choose a carrier and set my goals. Fortunately, I could find Dr Purushothaman by the advice of one of my close friends who met him earlier and changed his life. In the beginning, I was very doubtful about the outcome. Surprisingly after the first session itself, I could experience a sudden change to my thinking and attitude. Further two sessions with him changed my life in the most positive way with wonderful results. Now I am fully confident & courageous to manage my life and set my goals. I really feel that I am a changed person at home and at work place.I am really thankful to Dr Purushothaman, who is a guide, mentor and a healer of the mind.His Mental Healing is actually a Life-Transformational method with proper scientific evidence.The Spark platform was very user-friendly to complete our session smoothly.

Profile image of Jagath Jayaprakash

Jagath Jayaprakash 09/01/2021

I had an exciting online session with Dr Purushothaman. He carefully listened to my dilemma and gave me a positive solution for the same. I am very much relaxed as well as satisfied with the Spark online session with Doctor. Also using the Spark app was just a breeze.

Profile image of Nakesh R

Nakesh R 08/01/2021

I was in a state of severe stress which created a lot of setbacks in my life. Even though I have practised many methods, I could not get any relief. By coincidence, I contacted Dr Purushothaman, through the platform of spark and I had an online session which was a turning point in my life and now I am leading a stress-free life. The method he provides is entirely different from the traditional approach. He concentrates on some quick-fix mind programming technique leading to total mental healing.

Profile image of Sharath Zash

Sharath Zash 07/01/2021

I had a personal online interaction with Dr Purushothaman. He listened to me carefully and provided me with some special quick-fix tips and tools, which really made me focused and happy. I didn't expect such a sudden change with the first session itself. I found the Spark app very user friendly.

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