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Dhaaval Naik is a Numerologist, Life Guru, and Author with over three years of experience. 

Holding a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering from Mumbai University, he worked with the Indian Railways for nine years. He has also worked in various other industries such as Finance, Technology, and Garments. 

Due to his immense fascination with and interest in numbers, Dhaaval spent years studying the art and science of numerology and the way numbers affect our lives on a day-to-day basis. He aims to use this knowledge to help as many people as he can to better their lives. Believing that every problem has a solution, he has satisfied clients in over 20 countries - and is bringing his expertise to Spark.Live to help more people. 

His keen insight into life and the cause-and-effect relationship with numbers allows him to guide his clients in their life's purpose. 

As an author, he has penned the following books: 

  • 101 Things to Do Before You Die
  • 101 Ways to Live Your Happiest Life
  • Discover Your Life's Purpose 
  • Learn to Love Yourself in 55 Steps 
  • Achieve More With Less Using 80/20 Rule 
  • Numbers and You (currently being drafted)

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