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Life and Energy is headed by Bhawan Khandelwal, a reputed Celebrity Vedic Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Card Reader, and Palmist from Mumbai noted for his accurate predictions. 

Life and Energy was founded to provide a Divine Path to anyone who is struggling with life and arm them with astrological knowledge.

You can consult Life and Energy for Vedic astrology consultations on the following topics: 

  • Arranged marriage
  • Professional career (job and business) 
  • Love marriage (parents' approval, caste, and other issues)
  • Financial concerns 
  • Loans
  • Health issues 
  • Matchmaking expert report
  • Late marriage
  • Educational problems

With his online astrology consultations, you will gain insights into your own life's path as laid out by your birth chart. 

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Testimonials (32)

Profile image of Raj kumar goyal

Raj kumar goyal 25/10/2020

I am having great relief after consultation of Mr. Bhawan

Profile image of Sudhir Goswami

Sudhir Goswami 25/10/2020

At the present time,very less astrologer are as Mr. Bhawan sir.Bhawan sir is very talented.Sometimes I used to think of suicide, but sir showed me the way to live

Profile image of Anna Kaunda

Anna Kaunda 21/10/2020

Person with great understanding..and good listener. I really felt positive after had an conversation with Bhawan Ji.

Profile image of Pooja Kaunda

Pooja Kaunda 21/10/2020

Highly recommended....if you are stressed and uncertain in life ,the best person to consult us Bhawan Sir. I have never met a person who sort out things with such an ease.his remedies are effective and result oriented

Profile image of Chela The Excited Traveler

Chela The Excited Traveler 20/10/2020

Amazing predict

Profile image of Amrita Kaunda

Amrita Kaunda 20/10/2020

Thank you sir..for guiding me . I really felt blessed after talking to Bhawan Sir. The way he listened my problems and motivates me is highly appreciated. He made precise prediction and suggest simple remedies.

Profile image of Super Sisters

Super Sisters 19/10/2020

Its an amazing experience...i have consulted other astrologers before ...but Bhawan Sir is extreamly superb.His prediction is 100 percent right and accurate. Kind and helpfull person with full of positive vibes. The best part is he suggest easy and affordable remedies.

Profile image of Vandana Vias

Vandana Vias 19/10/2020

Very good astrologer very humble polite. he help me to come out from depression. His remedied are very simpel to do.

Profile image of Naveen Kumar Sharma

Naveen Kumar Sharma 17/10/2020

Best experience

Profile image of Sk S

Sk S 17/10/2020

Very Good Astrologer, He has solved mybjob related issues

Profile image of Vedang Shah

Vedang Shah 15/10/2020

I am grateful to Spark Live for enabling my meetings with Bhawan Khandelwal.. I have been a lot into many astrologers but Bhawan is by far the best... His pearls of wisdom and accuracy of predictions has made me a fan. I look forward to be in his mentorship forever.. Thank you Spark Live.

Profile image of Ravi Kumar Bharti

Ravi Kumar Bharti 14/10/2020

Thank you so much for your guidance today I got a new job because of your remedies, May the God always bless you.

Profile image of Drdeepika Mahajan

Drdeepika Mahajan 13/10/2020

Mr. Bhawan is a very polite and is a good person who has solution of every problem via astrology and he suggests simple remedies and my experience was especially for my brother who had a lot of help by this and I recommend everyone to consult him atleast once

Profile image of Akky Akash Khandelwal

Akky Akash Khandelwal 13/10/2020

Experience was very good I would like to attend session again

Profile image of Amrita Kaunda

Amrita Kaunda 13/10/2020

Its a great experience. I felt postive after talking to Bhawan Sir..all the prediction made was right and accurate.

Profile image of Irvin A

Irvin A 29/09/2020

I have a great experience and interaction. Every single aspect of my life discussed is true and accurate. Cleared my all doubts and suggested remedies, which cost not a single penny and convenient to follow. I will recommend to consult once. Looking forward for more interactions after getting solutions for my problem. God bless.

Profile image of Sindhu Chitturi

Sindhu Chitturi 10/09/2020

It was a positive session. So far the analysis of chart has been good and relevant to my life. Yet to try the remedies suggested. I would like to try another session with the expert.

Profile image of Anuja Gupta

Anuja Gupta 14/07/2020

Dear sir, thank you so much for the reading and your insights. You are quite skillful and wise. You are also accurate, practical, artful and insightful. Sir, infact I did not anticipate the counseling you provided along with the key astrological points. I was particularly impressed with your sensitive human nature and your willingness. Thanks once again.

Profile image of Ghanvir Rishab Kohli

Ghanvir Rishab Kohli 14/07/2020

Today I met a very good and respectful astrologer which gave me such a peace of mind after discussing with him. It looks like my problems have been solved. A very positive person, he listens with patience to your problems and understands your concern. According to that he gives you the best and easiest remedies, Which will be helpful. God bless him and me too.

Profile image of Prratap Paduchuri

Prratap Paduchuri 14/07/2020

It was a pleasure to chat with Mr. Bhawan Ji He has a lot of patience and comes to the point how to solve your problems, he doesn't make you spend money and suggest simple remedies, his prediction was 99% right in my case, I am happy to get connected to such a wonderful person.

Profile image of Kakali Mitra

Kakali Mitra 14/07/2020

If anyone is looking out for a good astrologer then you can contact Mr. Bhawan. I'm very glad and satisfied with the remedies he gives and those remedies are easily carried out

Profile image of Vivo Sharma

Vivo Sharma 14/07/2020

He is very professional but not at all money minded and at the same time he definitely knows his art. Apart from the in depth knowledge of astrology he also has a psychological ability to relate it with your situations and mindframe and how things or energies can be used in the most favourable direction of life and you will be advised accordingly. It was a great help to me and he answered my questions plus correctly defined my nature and past.

Profile image of Madhu Chawla

Madhu Chawla 14/07/2020

Many thanks and gratitude towards Mr. Bhawan for listening to and understanding the client's problems.

Profile image of Nitin Gupta

Nitin Gupta 14/07/2020

He is very accurate and the best thing is he is not like other astrologers who keep on telling negatives to earn money. He tells simple remedies which can be done easily. Not money minded, just wants to create good relations. Thanks a lot brother.

Profile image of Tarun Sukhija

Tarun Sukhija 14/07/2020

Whenever you are lost or feeling helpless then the universe sends you a little help. Something or someone guides you on your path. Connecting with life and energy was a divine guidance for me. I have interacted with so many astrologers and had some bitter experiences that I had stopped trusting them but thank you so much for your valuable advice. This means a lot to me...whatever you told me about my past 100% true. Best wishes for you from the bottom of my heart.

Profile image of Asha Chaudhary

Asha Chaudhary 14/07/2020

It was so good talking to Mr. Bhawan. He is a gem of a person, very polite and full of positivity which he is spreading to others who are going through problems. It was so good talking to him. I found my way in life, he helped a lot and I will definitely recommend him to everyone. He is a good astrologer and will give u a proper help for ur problems.

Profile image of Avisha Solanki

Avisha Solanki 14/07/2020

It was great speaking to Mr. Bhawan. He suggested all the little remedies which can be carried out easily. If you are looking for an astrologer I would recommend life and energy

Profile image of Tanuj Chhabra

Tanuj Chhabra 14/07/2020

I would definitely recommend Life and Energy since Bhawan ji follows a very simple process and he analyzes your problems from different angles before suggesting some simple but effective remedies. He also has a lot of conviction in his voice and he is a wonderful human being too. Would recommend you to speak to him once and see the changes that reflect in your life.

Profile image of Angel Shivani

Angel Shivani 14/07/2020

Hello Bhawan sir.. It was nice meeting you online.. It was indeed a blessing in disguise that despite being so far abroad.. We were able to have contact and despite the ups and down we were able to cope with it. Well.. It's an immense pleasure for me as i hv been able to get such a golden opportunity to be able to write this message to you.. U did an incredible job sir BIG THANK YOU! You gave a new hope ! New life! New beginning with your guidance. Thank you is not enough for tht.. But still you will get alot of blessings for your outstanding work.. Keep helping the needy one..Eventually good will happen to you as well. You are the best and you deserve the best mr BHAWAN! Wish you all the best ahead!

Profile image of Nan shi

Nan shi 14/07/2020

Hello Bhawan sir.. It's an immense pleasure to have met you online. It's like a blessing in disguise bcoz i haven't met you in real life.. But still from abroad such a long ease my life .. Gave solutions to my problems through spiritual energy.. That really means a lot that you took your precious time to help me, especially when I was going through a tough phase in my life.

Profile image of Deepu Pradeep

Deepu Pradeep 14/07/2020

It'a a great pleasure to meet you sir. I am very happy to meet you. Because of your guidance it's a great relief for me. Thank you for all the guidance you have given me. You're like a brother to me. After your guidance I got immense happiness. Thanks sir.

Profile image of Chela The Excited Traveler

Chela The Excited Traveler 04/12/2020

Brilliant job

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