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Pranic Healer and Tarot Reader | প্রাণিক হিলার, ট্যারো রিডার এবং নম্বর তত্ববিদ


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Arijita is a well-known pranic healer, tarot reader, and numerologist from Kolkata. She is a holistic healer who strongly believes in the mind-body connection.

Thirteen years back, she set forth on the path to finding the truth about life -- and has, since then, discovered the light of healing in everything she has done. The meaning of the universe has come alive for her, as she has discovered how the body, the mind and the senses are all intricately linked with the divine, universal energy.

Passionate and curious, Arijita took the journey of understanding pranic healing, and became an active practitioner since the last five years. Deeply spiritual, she believes that nature holds the key to existence -- and that you can find the answers to all your questions there.

After years of professional and private practice, she is now an expert in controlling her own mind, body and emotions, and imparts the secret of this science to others.

অরিজিতা কলকাতার একজন প্রখ্যাত প্রাণিক হিলার, ট্যারো রিডার এবং নম্বর তত্ববিদ। ইনি কম্পিউটার ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিংয়ের সাথে সাথে অধ্যাতিকের ব্যাপারে রিসার্চ করছেন গত ১৩ বছর ধরে। তিনি অনেক বছর ধরে হিলিং অভ্যাস করেছেন এবং মন, শরীর ও আবেগের নিয়ন্ত্রণ এবং সামঞ্জস্য রাখার ব্যাপারে একজন বিশেষজ্ঞ। মাইথলজিতে/ পুরাণে লুকোনো সায়েন্সের খোঁজ করা এবং জ্ঞানের আলোচনা করতে খুবই ভালোবাসেন। অরিজিত রিসার্চ শুরু করেছিলেন ১৩ বছর আগে জীবনের সত্যতা সন্ধানের জন্য , কিন্তু যত ঢুকেছেন সবকিছুতেই সায়েন্সের আলো দেখতে পেয়েছেন। শরীর,মন এবং অনুভব সবই একসাথে জুড়ে আছে। তাই আপনি কি ভাবছেন, কি অনুভব করছেন - সেটিই নির্ণয় করে আপনার এবং মানুষের ভবিষ্যৎ। তারপরে তিনি ঢুকে পড়েন পরিপূরক হিলিংয়ের দিকে। গত ৫ বছর ধরে প্রফেশনাল ভাবে হিলিংয়ে যুক্ত ।তার বিশ্বাস প্রকৃতি আমাদের সব কিছুই দিতে পারে যদি আমরা দেখার ইচ্ছা রাখি, তবেই।

Testimonials (32)

Profile image of Simantini

Simantini 09/06/2020

You are an amazing soul, that's what I knew about you. You always encourage my profession with deep respect and love.. Coming to Tarot reading I'm really overwhelmed by the session, readings were so accurate with each and every detail. I will definitely work on those matters whatever you told me. Will come back to you soon with another session. Thank you so much for your love didi. Atma Namaste

Profile image of Joydip Biswas

Joydip Biswas 19/10/2020

It was awesome!

Profile image of Parama

Parama 10/06/2020

Arijta Di an angel by nature and a Tarot reader by profession. She is a person who has been a great motivation and inspiration to me. Di you are so on point! It's crazy how accurate your reading is. It's a perfect guidance. Thank you so much.

Profile image of Alka

Alka 10/06/2020

I met you in my soul class and indeed you are a beautiful soul. From that day you are my go to person for everything. Be it healing or Tarot reading. This time the reading was so amazing. You were so exact.. Thank you for giving me this direction.

Profile image of Surabhi

Surabhi 10/06/2020

Thank you Audi so much, that through your Tarot reading, you have known my pulses and how I can heal those areas towards greater illumination.

Profile image of Rishi

Rishi 10/06/2020

Tarot card readings surely have divination but it majorly depends on the Tarot card reader as to how they interpret your situations through it and reveals the answers. Not only she is accurate but healful and sympathetic, emphasizes what is really important to think about. She listens to you and you feel comfortable and will receive great insight.

Profile image of Kuntal

Kuntal 10/06/2020

Arijita is a passionate Tarot card reader, a practising arhatic yogi and a great human being. She accidently picked me up when I was really down and asked to be a volunteer for her new study on the application of Tarot in healing. She spent a lot of time and energy on me and my wife for free to give us a boost when we needed it the most. Her encouraging words made me a consistent practitioner atleast for the last week. I also got introduced to a new network of like minded positive men looking for holistic growth. I started spending 1 hour for meditation and another 1 hour for physical exercises. I got my old trademill serviced after my call with her and I am using it after 7 years. Often I thought of selling it but it is serving as a great friend during this lockdown. I am also trying to do self-healing as suggested by Arijita to take my life back on track. It's not that I didn't know about these but the kind and encouraging words from Arijita acted as a spark to awaken the dormant guy inside. I need to keep the fire burning and be more focused and consistent to ascend to the next level. Now I'm actively trying to be a better version of myself- a man I am meant to be.

Profile image of Piya

Piya 10/06/2020

This is something so new I experienced. Being a student of psychology I can correlate how logical and deep the session was.

Profile image of Amiya

Amiya 10/06/2020

I admit that I'm overwhelmed while taking Tarot counselling from her. Her reading is very much accurate and perfect and her counselling is very convincing touching my confidence and believability. It was very much an amazing experience. She is gifted. May God bless her and GMCKS guide her to create many milestones.

Profile image of Suman

Suman 09/06/2020

Thank you so much for the Tarot card reading. I could very well connect to the good things and obstacles that you explained for my growth. I had identified it recently and you provided me the solution for it. Yes I will be doing my healing for a month and will share my feedback. Lots of love and gratitude.

Profile image of Anirban

Anirban 09/06/2020

Didi tumi amakeo onek help korecho..Thank you Didi meditation gulo bole dao..

Profile image of Shreya

Shreya 09/06/2020

I was overwhelmed quite many times during the session. The readings were accurate to every little details. And also I felt very safe with her. Thanks for the love Arijita Di.

Profile image of Divya

Divya 09/06/2020

You've actually read the Tarot card really well and I felt an instant connection while you were reading. The information was really rich and essential and today I learnt a lot of new things about me which I might have felt earlier but never actually realized.. I will definitely try to follow your methods and healing...Thank you so much for this information.

Profile image of Mousumi

Mousumi 09/06/2020

This was my first ever ever experience with Tarot Cards. Thanks for making me understand first how it works. You were amazing Riadi, You did not only tell what the cards say about my life with great perfection but also showed a direction to this lost soul. It's always great to talk to you as you make lasting impact with your cheerful words and vibrant energy. Will look forward to more such insightful chats and sessions with you. Love you.

Profile image of Aritrika

Aritrika 09/06/2020

I have never done Tarot card reading before and had a different kind of idea about it but Arijita explained it so well that now I can understand about it a little bit. Loved the explainations. Thank you very much.

Profile image of Arunita

Arunita 09/06/2020

It was my first ever experience about Tarot card reading. I had no clue what it is and how it works. But Ariita you read it so well. Your reading was so correct about my mind. And something I used to know but never gave a thought or believed, you made me to trust those. I will definitely work on the way you told me to. Thank you so much for the assurance to guide me further.

Profile image of Neerajana Bose

Neerajana Bose 09/06/2020

Initially I was not interested in Tarot but with Arijita I found interest in it and felt it can be a way of getting in touch with higher self and be more aware of our journey..that we are co-creators of our life. Lots of Love!!

Profile image of Pranayi

Pranayi 09/06/2020

It was my first online experience with Tarot Cards. It really helped me a lot to understand about all the situations going on in life. Thank you for your guidance, it means a lot. Definitely gonna try everything you said and hope to have more chats in future.

Profile image of Ranjay

Ranjay 09/06/2020

Awesome experience! Got to know some bitter truths about myself through Tarot Reading done by the expert and certified Pranic Healer, Arijita Ma'am. I highly recommend her to everyone who wants to give their future a new direction.

Profile image of cshreya88

cshreya88 06/05/2020

খুব ভালো ও হেল্পফুল, আবার সেশন নেবো। খুব ফ্রেন্ডলি ব্যবহার। সবাইকে রেকমেন্ড করবো।

Profile image of Ramya Raman

Ramya Raman 19/10/2020

Wonderful session, felt good listening to Arjita.. something worth trying. A must session for all.

Profile image of Debabrata Dey

Debabrata Dey 06/08/2020

Dear Arijita, it is a great experience to have a vibrant and energetic session with your talent and wisdom. It is a joyful and pleasant session also. It makes my soul purified and body mind intellect energised. Great great moments in life altogether throughout an hour. Hope to be blessed with many hours to come, it will help lots in society which is the need of the time. Let us all be blessed always, you carry on, many will be eager to join.

Profile image of Dr Ananya Basu

Dr Ananya Basu 06/08/2020

I recently had my first session with Arijita and I am undeniably satisfied. She is a lady whose smile instantly lights up your world. She oozes a hell lot of positivity, just what I needed in this hour of personal crisis. She encouraged me all through the session and I am looking forward to the next eagerly.

Profile image of Rajrupa

Rajrupa 06/08/2020

It is a nice experience with Arijita. She helped me to look at the inner world of mine, what potential I have through which I can achieve my desired goal easily. Her words actually heal your mind. Thank you so much for the session.

Profile image of Bansishikha

Bansishikha 06/08/2020

Thank you so much for the reading. This is my first reading with Arijita and I must say she is exceptional. She is friendly & gentle. She guided me about the areas which needed to be improved. Thank you for the guidance. It was an amazing experience. God bless you.

Profile image of Sweta

Sweta 06/08/2020

Thank you Arijita di, I got very positive results after the healing session. Before healing I got tense quickly and I couldn't overcome that. But now I am in a stable position and easily overcome those negative thoughts, salt spa and healing of "I am affirmation" both are relaxing and effective. I think I got an excellent and very positive result, thank you so much:)

Profile image of GUNJAN

GUNJAN 06/08/2020

Thank you so much Arijita Di, It was a great experience. It was my first time and i was really septic about it, but as the session proceeded it made me so comfortable and everything was so relatable. Whatever you said, I will try my best to follow everything because in the end it's going to benefit me only. Also, I would love to get back to you to check my progress. Thank you di, with lots and lots of love

Profile image of Kavya

Kavya 06/08/2020

I had a practice session with Arijita and it was quite great! her insights were accurate and informative. Every single thing she said resonated with me. She is very intuitive and I'm in awe of her psychic abilities. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who's facing difficulties in life and wants answers. Thank you so much for the love and light, all the best!

Profile image of Ishita Priya

Ishita Priya 06/08/2020

Dear Arijita First thing i wanted to tell you that I love you more for the great work you are doing towards mankind. I was going through Tremendous emotional turbulence from the last 8-10 months. After taking 7 sessions from you feeling much better now. Thank you so so much. Wish you all the best.

Profile image of Abhay

Abhay 06/08/2020

Well firstly I wanna thank you. Thank you for being out there and helping others who couldn't see things clearly. Mostly I was attached to certain kinds of loop thoughts and worried about stuff or any work. Which made me -ve. As i was not focused on work but more on -ve that had surrounded me. Glad I took a healing from you, it's changed. Thoughts changed, the way i look at my future changed. Made me see things more clearly and logically. It's fun as I see these changes in me, I started seeing growth in me. Made me happier. Thank you once again.

Profile image of Shashank Raitani

Shashank Raitani 30/07/2020

I had a very nice and different experience with Arijita. She suggested that I try out her tarot session and assured me it would be a different feeling post the session. I decided to give it a shot and I can say this now that it was something completely different from what I've had till now. Throughout the session she explained to me each and everything in detail and with a smile. After talking to her I think I took a lot away from the session and look forward to learning more from her in future. Wish you all the best for the amazing work and bringing positivity.:)

Profile image of Tamanna Bhansaly

Tamanna Bhansaly 30/07/2020

I attended the workshop on "Elements of Life" conducted by Arijita Di, great workshop, gained insight and in depth knowledge of the basic elements and prana in and around our body, and how every element and prana effects our daily life and the ways to correct/balance them for a healthy lifestyle. She also has the ability to detect the lack of particular elements through meditative techniques and provided me with very good guidance to correct it. Luckily i got the chance to meet her in person, you can feel the positive aura around her, which made me take the workshop in the first place. Looking forward to more workshops and sessions.:)

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