Anwesha Mittra

Journalist, Content Editor, and Author


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About Me

Anwesha Mittra has been in the writing profession for over 14 years as a journalist/features writer, and now as an author. She has the experience of working with well-named publications such as The Times of India by leading their online Life & Style section, as well as writing elaborate features for Times Life and the Sunday Times. This was followed by her stint at India Today’s Men’s Health magazine, where she was responsible for writing cover features. 
Her specializations have been in lifestyle and society, with a special fondness for travel. Currently, she is serving as the Content Head for for the past five years, where she writes and curates blogs, and works on research-based articles with a keen eye for SEO.
Her debut book, No Lemon in My Lemon Tart and Other Poy Stories, released last year in London, and then went on to release all over the world. While it is available on Amazon in India, it is possible to buy it off popular bookstores worldwide like Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, Booktopia, and Brown Brothers, to name a few. The book is her ode to the eight virtues of life she holds dear and is her way of telling her daughter (Poy, the protagonist in each story) about them. 

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