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Aniruddha Tewari is a holistic wellness coach and meditation teacher with over 3 years of experience. He is based in Pune, India. 

Well known within the wellness community, Aniruddha is a reputed and admired figure. His greatest calling is to help individuals live in harmony with themselves and with nature. 

He assists individuals with finding the meaning of their existence and helps them to carry on with their most ideal life, past all considerations and decisions, torments, fears and pressures, and battles of daily living.

In his classes he intrigues his students with various topics, such as: psychology, philosophy, spirituality, neuroscience, yoga, nutrition, principles of wellness, and application of contemplative and mindfulness-based approaches to psycho-spiritual development and healing.

Aniruddha loves to share his experiences on comprehensive well-being, stress, bliss, mental health care, and yogic way of life.

Listed below are some of the formal qualifications, degrees, certificates and diplomas Aniruddha holds: 

  • Certificate in 'Understanding Addiction' from Harvard Medical School
  • Master Diploma in 'Acupressure Therapy' from Acupressure Research Training & Treatment Institute
  • 'Diploma in Yoga Therapy' from Yoga Vidya Gurukul - India
  • Certificate in 'Wellness Coaching' from Udemy
  • Certificate in ‘Fitness Nutrition Specialist Program’ from the American Council on Exercise (ACE Fitness)
  • ‘Meditation Teachers Training’ from Shree Mahesh Heritage, Rishikesh
  • Certificate in ‘Performance Consultant Level 2’ from Performance Consulting UK Ltd
  • Certificate in ‘Reiki Level 2’ from Reiki Revolution Training Ltd
  • Master of Arts - MA, Yoga and Science of Living from Jain Vishva Bharati Institute
  • M.Sc in Psychology from University of Madras
  • Master of Business Administration - MBA, IT and Systems from ICFAI University
  • M.Com in Applied Economics from University of Lucknow

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