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Krishan Yadav 

Certified Fitness Trainer and Sports Nutritionist

Can Speak: English

[Krishan Yadav]( is a fitness trainer and sports nutritionist with over eight years of experience. 

He has been certified by the International Fitness Association (IFA) as well as Vskills, India's largest certification body. Along with this, he holds a Diploma in Food and Nutrition. 

A great bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast, Krishan understands the link between food and exercise, especially for sportspeople. He can provide diet and nutrition tips based on your specific physical and sports activity and health goals. 

Additionally, he is adept at health tips that will keep you going through the day! 



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New Delhi

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Sports Nutrition, Diet, Workout, and Supplements Counseling

Certified Fitness Trainer and Sports Nutritionist

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