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Varsha Ravikumar 

Movement, Yoga, and Body Conditioning Professional

Can Speak: English

Varsha Ravikumar is a movement, yoga, and body conditioning professional with over four years of experience. 

She began her journey in movement at the age of six, and has been incorporating elements of dance and fitness in her lifestyle since then. Four years ago, she decided to pursue these disciplines, especially movement arts, academically. 

Following this decision, she enrolled in a one-year training program and teacher training course in dance and body conditioning in Singapore. After this, she moved to India and completed her Diploma in Mixed Media and Movement Arts at the Attakkalari Center in Bangalore. Here, she trained in Kalaripayattu (Indian martial arts), body conditioning, and dance forms such as Bharatnatyam and contemporary. 

Now, she is trained in eight different dance and yoga forms. She is also a Company Dancer with the Attakkalari Center and a Latin Dance Instructor with LEAP Yoga and Fitness. 

Varsha has also developed her own holistic wellness program called [CAT Flow]( (Connect, Awaken, and Transform), which focuses on body mobility, functional training, yoga flow, and breathing exercises. She hopes to spread the message of CAT Flow to help people align their mind and body. 



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Cat Flow Yoga and Body Conditioning for Strength, Flexibility, and Joint Mobility

Movement, Yoga, and Body Conditioning Professional

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