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Zumba Dance Workout for Women: Free Workshop for Beginners


7:00 PM on Fri, 16 October


English, Hindi

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Are you stuck to your desk and really need some exercise? Or, do you want to get in shape while having fun doing it?

Zumba can be the perfect exercise for you. It shapes your butt and thighs, while giving you the perfect posture. It is a high-intensity workout, so it builds your muscles while helping you lose weight.

If you’ve ever watched a Zumba class, you’ve probably noticed that it resembles club night! It is catchy and groovy, exciting and invigorating all at the same time.

Zumba moves combine a bunch of various Latin American dance styles, and is perfect for giving you that fab ab you've been craving. It's a full-body workout that will help you build endurance and improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Anyone can start learning Zumba, and the best part is that it is a social dance that you can do with your friends!

The increase in the serotonin hormone in your body will make you feel happy - and you can do the Zumba routine right from your own home.

ZIN Nidhi Khandelwal is a licensed Zumba trainer who can help you burn close to a hundred calories in just a single class! She specializes in Zumba workouts for women and children - and can aid with weight loss, building strength, and toning your body. 

Join in with Nidhi on 16 October, 7 PM, on Spark.Live - and feel the difference for yourself.

About Zin Nidhi Khandelwal  

International Zumba Fitness Trainer

ZIN Nidhi Khandelwal is a certified Zumba fitness trainer with over five years of experience. 
After attending classes as a student, she grew interested in the form and completed her Zumba Training. She holds a certificate as a licensed Zumba Instructor, and has personally trained under a professional trainer.
Nidhi includes strengthening exercises and healthy diet tips in her session. She is looking forward to helping you overcome challenges through her Zumba classes and her suggested lifestyle changes. 

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