Zumba for Strength, Flexibility, and Toned Muscles: 20 Sessions Monthly Package


Monday to Friday - 9 AM to 6 PM


English, Hindi

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Program Description

A regular exercise schedule is key to good health, improved mood, and an awesome body. 

Whether your goal is to get that six-pack, have incredibly strong thighs, or run around without losing your breath, Zumba can help you with it all! Through a high-intensity and low-intensity interval workout that consists of cardio, bodyweight exercises, and aerobic workout, Zumba allows you to work out multiple times a week and, at the same time, love your fitness routine.

Zumba is perfect for:
Those who are looking to feel the burn! Looking to strengthen and tone your legs and glutes? Step right up.

How it works:
Nidhi will combine the awesome toning and strengthening power of Step Aerobics with a fun fitness-party, which will entice you to the dance floor.

Burn calories as you sculpt your core and legs.

This is a 20 classes package: 
- 20 classes per month
- 1 hour for each class 
- Five days a week - Monday to Friday

These group classes will feature 10-20 people.

About Zin Nidhi Khandelwal  

International Zumba Fitness Trainer

ZIN Nidhi Khandelwal is a certified Zumba fitness trainer with over five years of experience.  After attending classes as a student, she grew interested in the form and completed her Zumba Training. She holds a certificate as a licensed Zumba Instructor, and has personally trained under a professional trainer. Nidhi includes strengthening exercises and healthy diet tips in her session. She is looking forward to helping you overcome challenges through her Zumba classes and her suggested lifestyle changes.

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