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An easy-to-do, practical session on the mindset for success. A one-on-one consultation with motivational speaker and mind power expert Sameer Narad will help you discover your goals and give you a new direction in life. You will develop a sense of purpose, and unearth success secrets you have never heard of before.

Remember, success is all about attitude. If you think positive and have the drive to make a change in your life, you will have an edge over all your peers and competitors. Successful people are not specially gifted; they are motivated and positive thinkers who have channeled their energies in a focused manner.

What can you expect in this class?

  1. Build your confidence by learning the secrets to positive thinking
  2. Learn about your weaknesses and find ways to overcome them
  3. Channel your ambitions better
  4. Dive deep into the nitty-gritties of the kind of success you desire
  5. Gain better control over things that you cannot predict
  6. Gain the trust of colleagues and peers
  7. Accomplish more in less time

About Sameer Narad

Motivational Speaker and Mind Power Expert

Sameer Narad is an electrical engineer with six years of corporate experience in Blue Star Limited. During this time, he completed an MBA in Marketing. 

Currently, he is working as a motivational speaker and counselor, as he simply wants to help people. He has received numerous certifications from both national and international trainers in the fields of psychology and mind power. 

Sameer has delivered over 450 seminars and webinars and trained around 24,000 people. His dream is to create a crore success story from the heart of India. 

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