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Yoga for Strength and Functional Mobility


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Program Description

Subin is interested in movement variability and exploring diverse ways of approaching the practice of yoga. This movement variability allows you to experience multiple benefits, such as: 

- Reducing high blood pressure
- Boosting blood circulation
- Facilitating deeper breathing
- Promoting relaxation
- Increasing flexibility
- Core balance and strengthening
- Slowing down the ageing process 

Along with the benefits mentioned above, you can expect the following from Subin's classes: 

- Develop strength and functional mobility
- Learn more about yoga asana and your own capacity to move 
- Step out of the box of the traditional asana to explore other forms of movement
- Clear instruction to empower your own ability to express yourself through your body, your breath, and your awareness

About Subin Vk  

Yoga Instructor, Trainer, and Therapist

Subin V.K. is a professionally qualified yoga trainer and therapist. He completed his MSc in Health and Yoga Therapy from Zamorin's Guruvayurappan College, Kerala. Currently, he is working at Mukthi Yoga as a yoga instructor.  He is widely recognized as one of the authorities on the ancient traditions of yoga, tantra, and meditation. His teaching weaves together his depth of understanding, experience, and ability to make the ancient teachings and practices accessible to students of all levels. Subin, particularly, loves the opportunity that teaching yoga offers - the ability to help others feel better, where 'better' is unique to each individual student. Some attend class to become stronger and increase their flexibility, while others seek out tools to help access their inner calm. He strives to help all of his students find their own version of 'better.' In each class he teaches, his goal is to share the knowledge he has gathered, offer different styles so that the class is enjoyable for everyone, and encourage students to continue with their practice at their own pace.

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