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Program Description

Physical Relaxation

Every action is the result of thought which originates in the mind - consciously or subconsciously. Thoughts take the form of action, leading to a reaction in the body. When we want to perform an action, a thought is generated in the mind and is transmitted to the brain. The brain telegraphs the message through the nerves, while the muscles contract. 

Just as there is thought behind muscular contraction, there is thought behind relaxation as well. Just as we send a message to contract the muscles, we can send a message to relax the muscles. But as we have no control over ‘involuntary’ organs like the heart, lungs, liver, and brain, we cannot directly send thoughts for relaxation to these organs. Yet, they too need rest. So, yogis use the subconscious mind, which controls all the autonomic functions of the involuntary organs. During this process of relaxation, the conscious mind sends a message to a particular organ such as the heart or liver. This message is received by the subconscious mind and the order is immediately carried out. This relaxation technique is known as 'autosuggestion'. 

Using this technique, one can relax all the involuntary organs in the body. We start from the toes up to the eyes and ears, instructing each part of the body to relax. Then messages are sent to the kidneys, liver, etc. to relax, ending in the brain and the mind.

Mental Relaxation

The constant tension put on the mind owing to unnecessary worries and anxieties takes away from its energy and leads to physical stress. During mental tension, it is important to breathe slowly and rhythmically for a few minutes focusing on each inhalation and exhalation. Slowly the mind will calm down.

Spiritual Relaxation

However, as much as we try to relax the mind, we cannot completely remove all tension and worry unless we reach a state of spiritual relaxation. As long as we identify with the body and mind, there will be worries, sorrows, anxieties, fear, and anger. Yogis know that unless we can withdraw from identification with the body and senses, and separate ourselves from ego-consciousness, we will not be able to relax completely. 

From a state of mental relaxation, the yogi draws upon the mind within and identifies with the all-pervading, all-powerful, all-peaceful Self, also known as pure consciousness - the source of power, knowledge, peace, and strength. 

We have fallen prey to negative emotions of the mind through identification with the body and mind, and the only way to free ourselves from their clutches is by asserting our real nature - ‘I am Pure Consciousness of Self.’ Identification with the Self completes the process of relaxation.

Yoga is the union of the body, the mind, and the soul. So relaxation on all these fronts leads to a calmer disposition and a strong sense of self that will carry you through the hard times in life.

Join Rashmi for a one-on-one session, and experience the magic of a mind-body-spirit relaxation that will soothe and elevate you.

About Rashmi Gola  

Yoga Guru, Fitness Trainer, and Psychic Healer | योग गुरु, फिटनेस ट्रेनर और साइकिक हीलर

Rashmi Gola is a yoga guru from Sivananda Yoga Institute, Netala, Uttarakhand. She is also a Reebok certified fitness trainer and has won the Gold Medal in powerlifting sports, 2016. She teaches Yoga - which is a three-part braid of vinyasa, precise alignment, and the Buddhist methods of mindfulness and compassion. This method arose organically over years as a result of her own passions: movement, precision, and Buddhadharma. Experienced in the classical yoga tradition, she awakens and strengthens your own yoga practice.  She is also a Reiki grandmaster and Bach flower therapist. Bach flower is an alternative treatment that works on our emotions and is similar to homoeopathy. रश्मि गोला शिवानंद योग संस्थान, उत्तराखंड के नेताला में एक योग गुरू हैं। रश्मि रिबॉक प्रमाणित फिटनेस ट्रेनर भी हैं यही नहीं इन्हें साल २०१६ में पावरलिफ्टिंग खेलों में स्वर्ण पदक भी मिल चुका है।  रश्मि योग सिखाती है, जो कि विनीसा, सटीक संरेखण और बुद्धि और करुणा के बौद्ध तरीकों का ही तीन भाग है। योग का जूनून उनके अंदर वर्षों से हैं इसकी वजह से ही उनकी आंदोलन, सटीकता और बुद्धधर्म की प्राप्ति हुई हैं। रश्मि को शास्त्रीय योग परंपरा में भी अनुभव है वो आपके योग अभ्यास को जागृत व और भी मजबूत करती है। वह एक रेकी ग्रैंडमास्टर और बैच फ्लावर चिकित्सक भी है। बैच फ्लावर एक वैकल्पिक उपचार है जो हमारी भावनाओं पर काम करता है। यह बिल्कुल होम्योपैथी के समान है।

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