Yoga Backbend Workshop for Spine - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced - Registrations Closed


19 July - 5 PM to 6 PM

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Back, shoulder, and neck pain are some of the most common complaints by working professionals today. The constant slouching over laptops and phones leads to an incorrect posture which can result in pain, stiffness, and even weakness of the back muscles. 

One of the best - and natural - ways to improve your posture and alleviate back pain is the practice of yoga, especially backbends. These asanas will open up your upper back, lower back, shoulders, chest, and neck. Additionally, practicing them daily will build strength in your back, increase your flexibility, and allow for a greater range of movement.

Some of the poses that will be covered in this workshop are: 
- Dhanurasana (bow pose) 
- Chakrasana (wheel pose) 
- Raja Bhujangasana (cobra pose)
- Rajakapotasana (pigeon pose) 

All the poses will be taught in order of difficulty - starting with a beginner's version and slowly building up to an intermediate and advanced level of the pose. However, please do not feel discouraged if you are unable to reach a higher level as it takes time, practice, and dedication to open up your body and make it stronger. 

Similarly, to counteract the intensity of backbends, there will be some forward-bending asanas included in the program. These are primarily counterposes and will help release and relax your muscles after extreme backbending. 

Before the workshop:
- Please carry a yoga mat, a pillow, a towel or napkin if needed, and a water bottle for the workshop. 
- Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. 
- If you have any physical conditions, ailments, or injuries, please consult your doctor before the workshop. 

During the workshop:
- Please listen to your body during the workshop and immediately let Gunjan know if you feel any pinching. 
- Do try to push your limits but respect that all bodies are different and that some asanas may come easily to you, and some may not. 
- Remember to breathe and smile as it will help you relax. 

After the workshop: 
- If you are not used to intense backbends, please expect some soreness. You may want to do some stretching exercises to ease this soreness. 
- If you experience any intense pain, please consult a doctor or a physiotherapist.

About Gunjan Kamra

Certified Yoga Instructor


Gunjan Kamra is a certified Yoga instructor, stress management, and diabetic management trainer from S-VYASA Yoga University, Bangalore. She specializes in strength and flexibility training with Yoga, therapeutic healing, and cyclic meditation. She practises a number of yoga styles, ranging from chair yoga to bhakti yoga and karma yoga. She has consulted both corporates and individuals on exercise, diet, and lifestyle.

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