Yoga for Better Lung Health

Yoga for Better Lung Health

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Siddek Basha

Siddek Basha

Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor


6:00 PM on Thu, 13 May

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Program Description

The Covid-19 virus attacks the lungs first - so it is necessary to build a defence mechanism to protect our lungs.

Improve your lung capacity with 10 simple Yoga Asanas. 

According to yoga, ‘breath’ or ‘prana’ is our driving life force. So breathing in the correct fashion is crucial. If breathing is incorrect, your body will develop aches and inflammations.

As the world battles the lethal Covid-19, strengthening the lungs is of utmost importance, now more than ever before.

Excess phlegm in the lungs or respiratory tract can make the body susceptible pathogens. Yoga will help in the breakdown of mucous in the lungs and also expel it from the body.

If practiced regularly, the 10 asanas that will be taught in this class can help in refining your breathing by lengthening the inhalation and exhalation process. They will improve the muscles in your lungs, and also help in curing respiratory disorders like cough and cold, sinus, asthma, and so on.

Practising simple yoga asanas and breathing exercises like pranayama will enhance the functioning of your lungs and keep them healthy. It can also help increase lung capacity, bringing much-needed oxygen into your bloodstream.

In this Yoga class, you will learn 10 easy-to-do yoga asanas that can enhance the capacity of your lungs, and improve general respiratory health.

The asanas come with carefully crafted breathing exercises that will help to boost your immunity and strengthen your respiratory muscles – thus helping you gain control over your oxygen intake and thereby improving the overall quality of your life.

In addition to this, discover some of the easiest and most effective Body Purification Techniques that will de-stress your body and improve your immunity.

This online workshop is designed for all, old and young.

Date: 8 May 2021
Time: 6 - 7 PM

Price: Rs 35

How it Works

  • Session is suitable for age range 18 to 65.
  • Expert can speak languages English, Hindi, Kannada.
  • Session would be in English. However, you can request the Expert to converse in any language they know.

Siddek Basha

Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor

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Siddek Basha is a certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor with over a decade of experience. 

While he is a Technical Writer for a reputed aerospace organization, his passion for yoga, fitness, and meditation led him to pursue a certification course followed by a diploma in Yoga Therapy from the Indian School of Yoga. 

Siddek's yoga sessions are primarily focused on weight loss and general fitness. However, he also conducts yoga therapy sessions for specific ailments. 

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Profile image of Kapil Kumar

Kapil Kumar 14/05/2021

it was good.

Profile image of Nupur Gupta

Nupur Gupta 13/05/2021


Profile image of Premalatha

Premalatha 13/05/2021

The expert not prepared to conduct session

Profile image of Koushik Panda

Koushik Panda 13/05/2021


Profile image of Mariyam Ezzy

Mariyam Ezzy 13/05/2021

It was not as expected though the speaker was experienced but the execution was not very clear,camera placement was not clear , I was not able to see asanas clearly. I wish it was more professional. Not satisfied 😒

Profile image of Aarti Jaiswal

Aarti Jaiswal 13/05/2021

Very good session

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