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Modern-day life is extremely hectic. People today are facing problems and stresses that did not even exist a few years ago. Relationships are getting more complicated due to multiple unspoken social media rules. Social media itself leads to myriad criteria for comparisons, which can lead to feelings of inadequacy and depression. 

With all of this going on, is it any surprise that mental health scores have severely gone down across the nation? At the same time, there has been a conscious movement towards normalising mental health conversations and asking for professional help. While the very nature of trusting a stranger goes against traditional Indian values, people are gradually understanding that such dated thought patterns have no room in modern society any more. 

Mental health problems are as common as the flu! When you are unwell - physically, mentally, or emotionally - it makes sense to seek medical advice and treatment. Your brain is a unique organ of your body and, sometimes, it may let you down. At times like this, it is important for not only your well-being but for the well-being of the people around you that you seek help. 

Nitin Mehra is a counsellor who understands modern problems and can provide a kind and understanding presence. You will instantly feel comfortable talking to him without any fear of being judged. He understands that sometimes all you need is a little direction and a little care. 

So take his help, engage in some self-care, and lead a happy life.

About Nitin Mehra

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Nitin Mehra is an expert in behavioural sciences (Counselling Psychologist). He delivers coaching, counselling, and training in diverse settings, including private practice, clinic, rehab, online, and corporate workshops, and in multiple domains ranging from Health Psychology, Relationships, Life Skills, De-Addiction, and Career Counselling. 

His passion for reaching out to people, and his deep interest in human psychology and existential philosophy have made him evolve into the person he is today. He has done his master's in Counselling Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore, and is pursuing his Ph.D in Psychology with research in the field of Existential Therapy. 

He directs his private practice, Harmony Wellness Concepts, and works as a part of a specialized team of doctors, psychiatrists, and health coaches with training in innovative coaching and counselling approach. He takes limited private sessions to be able to deliver his best and maintain quality of attention. 

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