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Who doesn't wonder what the future holds for them?

Tarot cards work with the divine, or your higher self, to reveal the truth about who you are. The tarot is like a soul map, a guide to self-empowerment through 78 symbolic cards.

How do you choose a tarot card?

Tarot cards are chosen by a process called synchronicity, where there is no difference between the outer and inner selves of a person. You choose a card that your higher self already knows about. The cards are like a mirror to your inner self -- that’s how they work.

Of the 78 cards, the first 22 cards are the Major Arcana: they focus on the intuitive mind, worldly matters, and the realm of transformation. The other 56 cards are called the Minor Arcana, divided into four groups: Swords, Pentacles (Coins), Wands and Cups. Each of the four groups focuses on a theme. Sword cards generally speak about conflict or moral issues, while Cups are a reflection of emotions and relationships. Coins focus on the material world, such as security and finance, while Wands represent ideas like ambition and activity.

The symbols are the language of the Subconscious and Universal mind. While doing tarot readings, colours, symbols and numbers in the cards convey their message to the seeker. The cards speak, and to hear them, you should be a good listener. 

Bringing years of experience and intuition in the field of Tarot, Garima Goyal has been helping enquirers since 2006. Her reading sessions are individualistic and solution-based. 

Real tarot readings are a therapeutic process. A good tarot reading will affirm your own intuition and open up more questions than provide straightforward answers.

About Garima Goyal  

Garima GoyalTarot Reader

A Physics graduate from St. Stephens, formerly chartered accountant, and now a full-time teacher and counsellor, Garima Goyal is someone who many, including herself, consider unconventional. True to her unconventionality, her Reiki, Tarot, NLP, Angel, DNA, and Crystal sessions are unique. All of her sessions are fun and simple to follow.  She does not simply look into the above subjects, she demystifies and logically analyses them, helping people easily understand their own self and follow a simple, efficient, and effective solutions-based approach to life.

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