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Program Description

Stretch ‘n Dance Fitness Programme with Anupama

Programme Description:

What better way to get a robust workout at home than with a 40-minute dance session? Try well-known dancer Anupama Ahanthem’s Stretch ‘n Dance Fitness Programme—a sensuous combination of dance and yoga that will blow your mind away. Her moves are easy to follow. With a week of practice, you can pick up this electric synergy between dance and therapeutic yoga. The session will start with a self-awareness body warm-up followed by an intense dance-based mid-sequence; then will come a strength and conditioning segment followed by a cool-down segment and ending with active meditation. Learners should wear workout outfits like track pants or shorts paired with t-shirts and training shoes.

About Anupama Ahanthem  

Anupama Ahanthem is a Certified Fitness Dance Trainer from Bangalore. She has a background in Yoga, Pilates and Functional Training and has been dancing for over a decade. Anupama is an instructor at a special fitness dance programme called 'Stretch ‘n Dance', which comprises dance and therapeutic yoga. It helps in strengthening & toning the body as well as in injury management.


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