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Entrepreneurship: How to Get Started and Long-Term Sustainable Solutions: Free Masterclass


7:00 PM on Fri, 06 November

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Entrepreneurship is a word that carries weight. 

When you introduce yourself as an entrepreneur, you're simultaneously providing vast amounts of information about your work ethics, street smarts, creativity, and the ability to cope with change. 

We are surrounded by success stories of entrepreneurs, but with little information about how to become one of them. To help you get started, child genius Kaushal Reddy Ottem - who at the age of 17 is working with Apple, Google, running his own company, and studying at university - is offering a masterclass on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship for everyone. 

One of the youngest post-graduate students in Australia, Kaushal is well-versed in the numerous hoops you have to jump through to get your company started and off the ground. 

Kaushal's workshop with Spark.Live will provide you with real-time information regarding:

  • How to get your startup started 
  • How to identify gaps in the market and discover product-market fit
  • Long-term, sustainable solutions for growth
  • New benefits for startups from the Government of India 
  • An analysis of multinational companies (MNCs) 

In this 90-minute session, Kaushal will also address any specific questions you may have regarding setting up a project and turning it into a successful financial revenue stream. 

About Kaushal Reddy Ottem

Computer Science Specialist at Google, Apple Developer, Founder of Kite Technologies, Research Scholar, and Business Mentor

At the age of 17, Kaushal Reddy Ottem is one of the youngest post-graduate students in Australia. However, during this time, he has amassed great achievements to his name. 

Currently working as an Apple Developer and as a Policy Administration and Data Analyst Developer with Google, Kaushal also runs his own company, Kite Technologies. Along with this, he is a mentor at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and winner of the Academic Excellence Award (Australia) 2020. 

He has read up on hundreds of coding languages from his bedroom and taught himself 90 of those languages. He is fluent in about 47 of them, but wants to learn all 700. 

This proficiency has led Kaushal to various projects with Parrot, Dell Technologies, Kali Linux-based operating systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and cloud computing-based software. He has also written his own operating system (unreleased), which is expected to be a virus-free OS. 

Due to his association with Apple, Kaushal works with a number of other global companies to develop applications for App Store Connect. One of his biggest achievements is 'Real Cricket 19' with Nautilius Mobile, which is currently trending at #72 on App Store with over 6M downloads.

Kaushal has been associated with banks such as Commonwealth Bank and Wells Fargo as a Network Data Specialist to support their applications, firewall systems, and improve their security features. 

With projects in Singapore, India, and the US, Kaushal is one of the most noteworthy entrepreneurs of the current generation and a leading developer in the field of IoT (Internet of Things).

He is expected to achieve his master's in 2022 at the age of 19. 

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