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Spoken English Classes and Interview Skills Training


Monday to Friday - 11 AM to 3 PM; Saturday & Sunday - 12 PM to 6 PM



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Program Description

In the world of today, it is expected that one knows English, can converse easily in it, read and write it, as well as change the tone according to the needs of an occasion. 

However, English is a tricky language to learn, and it is easy to make minor grammatical errors while speaking and writing. To help you with this, Kuhu Gupta brings you her Spoken English Classes that cover all the fundamentals as well as writing skills such as email writing. 

Additionally, she provides interview skills training so you can knock the socks off at your next job interview with your English language skills, confidence, and body language. 

Basic Spoken English: 
- Basic grammar
- Communicating in simple and routine situations
- Very basic phrases
- Vocabulary
- Familiar everyday expressions
- Self-introduction
- Basic questions and answers
- Testing and evaluation

Advanced Spoken English: 
- Advanced grammar
- Building the vocabulary of the students and implementing the same in framing sentences
- Extempore
- Public speaking
- Striking an effective communication
- Speaking and listening effectively
- Writing skills - email etiquette, essay writing
- Reading skills
- Testing and evaluation

Interview Skills: 
- Creating a resume
- Building confidence
- Introducing oneself
- Body postures
- Speaking on random topics
- What to say and what not to say
- Questions and answers
- Mock interview session

About Kuhu Gupta  

Spoken English Teacher, Interview Skills Trainer, and Motivational Speaker

Kuhu Gupta is a commerce graduate who has cleared her CA foundation. She started working with Genpact in 2013 in their finance department, and also assisted in fresher training. After that she has worked with companies like Accenture and CDK Global. She is currently with one of the corporates. Her passion for teaching led her to a part-time job where she teaches Basic Spoken English and Communication Skills. She also provides sessions on refining Interview Skills, as well as motivational sessions.  For Kuhu, teaching is not just about one-sided imparting of knowledge; it is about the give-and-take interaction between the client and her. So feel free to raise questions and doubts, and let the conversation come alive.

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