Sound Healing to Open Up the Chakras and Lead a Healthier Life


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Discover the Healing Power of Sound!

Sound Healing has been an integral part of human civilization since time immemorial. We inhabit a universe of vibrations, where all matter is energy. Sound Healing operates on this principle of resonance or the vibratory frequency of matter. Our whole universe is perpetually in a state of vibration - a vibration we cannot perceive through the naked eye. The human body is also in a state of vibration. It needs to be in sync with this universal energy for us to stay physically and mentally fit.

Sound Healing applies healing frequencies to the energy fields around our bodies. The healing is provided through sound therapy sessions, the Voice, and a variety of sound healing instruments. It can be a complementary technique along with reiki, angel therapy, and other kinds of alternate therapies.

Sound Healing can help ease emotional and physical ailments and trauma. It can cleanse the mind of negative emotions and channel positive energy into the human system. It has been known to cure many diseases such as pains and headaches, muscular issues, and some chronic diseases.

In this one-on-one session with reputed Sound Healer Samantha Bora, you will learn how to open up your chakras and remove your emotional blockages through the Power of Sound. She will help you reduce stresses and strains in your body and transition from a state of frustration to one of satisfaction. Your sufferings will reduce, and you will feel lighter and happier. 

She will combine the methods of Voice Meditation with sounds of Tuned Tibetan Singing Bowls to activate specific frequencies within you and activate your chakras. Remember, your chakras hold the key to unlimited power; they are the gateway to your subconscious mind.

Your chakras can get blocked due to negative energies and unresolved issues. This can lead to an imbalance in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Consequently, you will tend to make more mistakes, feel tired, and keep repeating past cycles.

Through Sound Healing, your consciousness will elevate beyond the rational mind and the following effects will be evident on your psyche: 

  • Removal of fears, doubts, and blockages
  • Building of your confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth, thus improving your self-expression 
  • More healthy and loving relationships 
  • Improved health and finances
  • Increased energy levels and immunity 
  • Lowered blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and regulated heartbeat 
  • Better connection to your Divine Self 
  • An infusion of infinite abundance into your life

About Samantha Bora

Abundance Coach and Sound Healer


Samantha Bora is a renowned Abundance Coach and Sound Healer with over seven years of experience. She has conducted numerous workshops on health, abundance, yoga, and sound healing.

Her son had been suffering from Down Syndrome, and medicines had become a part of his regular diet. As a mother, she resolved to stop that and tried a number of alternate therapies, but nothing worked. Then, she discovered Sound Healing.

Now it's been nearly 18 months, and her son has not used a drop of medicine. She started to practice this therapy on others - and it worked! Since then, it has become her passion and mission to spread the knowledge of Healing Sound Energy. 

Samantha combines guided voice meditations with sounds of tuned Tibetan singing bowls and specific frequencies to activate the chakras. She specializes in one-on-one online workshops.

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