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Program Description

Soft skills have a deceptive name. The title makes one believe that these skills are optional, easy to learn, and unimportant. However, this could not be further from the truth. 

When you walk into a room, people instantly notice your posture, the way you carry yourself, if you meet their eyes, if your voice shakes, how you talk, the vocabulary you use, the confidence in your speech, and your attire. Uncertainty in any of these areas can lead to rejection and a loss of opportunity. 

Soft skills include multiple important facets such as body language, basic etiquette, confidence, emotional intelligence, time management, and even stress management. These skills are not only important for a successful career, but are routinely used in day-to-day corporate and social life. 

Sonika Kathuria is a certified personality development and soft skills trainer. She can help you build and improve these skills so that you can excel at everything you choose to do, whether it is networking, or a job interview, or a client meeting, or giving a presentation.

Consult Sonika to fast-track your career and leave lasting impressions on everyone you meet.

About Sonika Kathuria  

Certified Soft Skills and Personality Development Trainer

Sonika Kathuria is a certified expert corporate trainer in the field of communication skills and soft skills.  She is a graduate with English Honors from Delhi University, has a Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality, and is an NQA and Sabet Certified Soft Skills Trainer.  With over 11 years of experience, Sonika can help you in the following areas:  - Conversation skills - Discussion skills - Public speaking - Body language training - Etiquette training and grooming - Confidence building - Positive thinking - Emotional intelligence - Attitude management - Self-management

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