Semi-Classical and Bollywood Dance Choreography


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Program Description

'When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way.'
-Wayne Dyer 

Dance has the unique ability to be a physical exercise, an art form, and a means of communication all in one. Dancers are trained to tell stories through their movements, expressions, and interpretation of the music. This art form can, therefore, transcend the boundaries of language. 

This is especially true of Indian dance forms. While classical dance forms such as Kathak have a strict structure and rules, Bollywood is a little more relaxed. Borrowing from dance forms all over the world, it allows the dancer and the choreographer to interpret the music in their own way. 

Jaya Moolchandani teaches Semi-Classical and Bollywood Dance choreographies for this exact reason. You don't need to be trained in classical forms to take part in her class, and you get to show off your graceful moves! Additionally, she ensures that all of her classes are fun, easy, and enjoyable. She can choreograph to your favorite tracks and provide you with a beautiful piece of choreography that is bound to stay with you long after the class is over. 

So book a session now to begin your dance journey!

About Jaya Moolchandani  

Trained Kathak Dancer, Semi-Classical and Bollywood Choreographer

Jaya Moolchandani is a trained classical dancer. Based in Jabalpur, she learned Kathak from Rakesh Giri for ten years and has cleared four qualifying exams in this prestigious dance form.  A graduate of BITS Pilani, she was the lead dancer of her college dance group, The Dance Club BPHC. Their videos on YouTube feature multiple dance styles and have garnered lots of views due to this versatility.  Jaya has been choreographing semi-classical and Bollywood dances since she was 14 years old. Passionate about teaching dance to people of all age groups, she is experienced in choreographing the entire Sangeet function of an Indian marriage.

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