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Program Description

It is said that the key to unlocking success is the word 'CONFIDENCE.' 

However, if you feel underconfident, then Shweta Mandal can become your key and help you unlock your inner confidence to achieve great success in your career and life. 

She offers two modules: 

Executive Public Speaking which is targeted at individuals aiming for leadership, and is aimed to maximize influencing and people skills. It will include the following: 

• Speak to persuade
• Planning and preparation
• Writing vs speaking
• Self-care as preparation for and overcoming fear
• Speech structuring
• Voice modulation
• Body language
• Unleashing leadership presence
• Power of key principles and speaking styles
• Impromptu skills

Fearless Public Speaking is aimed at people who have been working for years, but always face a great deal of fear while speaking; people who feel comfortable in speaking to small groups, but experience anxiety in front of large audiences; people who have debilitating stage fright, sometimes for days or weeks before their speech. This program will include the following: 

• Speak with confidence
• Understanding the audience
• Overcoming criticism
• Self-care as preparation and overcoming fear
• Reducing nervousness while speaking
• Preparing your presentation
• Speech structuring
• Voice modulation
• Body language

About Shweta Mandal - Pro.Orator  

Public Speaking Trainer and Founder of Pro-Orator Academy

Shweta Mandal is the founder of Pro-Orator and has over 13 years of experience in Training and Human Resources. She is certified in 'Train the Trainer' and 'Public Speaking' and is an awardee of the prestigious ‘Il Grande Oratore’ from Toastmasters International. She is a Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker, and YouTuber. She has also been invited to many colleges and corporate environments as a keynote speaker.  Shweta understands the power of confidence in life and the importance of success. Having worked with a variety of people from different backgrounds over the years, she is adept at customizing and designing training programs that are distinct for each individual and their specific needs. She aims to rid people of their fear of public speaking as it holds them back from achieving success in their career and life.

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