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Yoga: The Secret to Good Health: Advanced One-on-One Training: 6 Classes


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Yoga is a space of infinite possibilities; yoga is a space for tranquility of mind and beauty of body.

Your favorite yoga teacher Gunjan Kamra is now offering a 12 class one-on-one training program! So staying in shape and finding balance in life just got easier.

What will you learn?

  1. Pranayama to beat breathing issues and asthma
  2. Relief from backaches and other injury-related pains
  3. Better body posture so you look attractive
  4. Glowing skin and hair
  5. A tranquil state of mind free from depression and stress
  6. Weight gain/loss according to your needs
  7. Toned limbs and flat abs
  8. Improved immunity
  9. Better bone health
  10. Relief from insomnia/sleep disorders
  11. In fact, PCOS will be a distant memory if you practice yoga regularly. Yoga postures help alleviate PCOS and regularize your menstrual cycles.

 This program is geared towards your individual goals. Which means you can speak with Gunjan and discuss about issues specific to you - whether it is breathing problems, diabetes, palpitations and anxiety, depression, anger issues - and learn yoga asanas that will help reduce them.

Hundreds of clients have benefited from Gunjan's one-one-one programme, and you will notice a significant difference in your body and mind once you start doing regular classes with her.

Disclaimer: The validity of your package is 3 weeks from the first session of your packages.

Cancellation Policy:

This message is in regard to the cancellation policy that we have in place applicable to your 6/12 session package.

1. No show/last-minute cancellation allowed once where the session is booked with the trainer
2. No show allowed in case of periods coz who can control that
3. Half price deducted from 3rd no show and full price deducted from 4th no show onwards.
4. For morning sessions, cancellation allowed before 10 PM. For evening sessions, cancellation is allowed 6 hrs in advance.
5. 1 no show/last-minute cancellation is allowed to the trainer as well in case of any emergencies. The same goes in case of periods.

We are trying our best to serve you and we thrive for your satisfaction at all times.

We have committed that hour to you and we won't be taking any other work in that slot. Hence, no shows/last-minute cancellations are a loss for us. We plan our days ahead in advance keeping the sessions in mind.

Thank you again for your love and support.

About Gunjan Kamra

Certified Yoga Instructor


Gunjan Kamra is a certified Yoga instructor, stress management, and diabetic management trainer from S-VYASA Yoga University, Bangalore. She specializes in strength and flexibility training with Yoga, therapeutic healing, and cyclic meditation. She practises a number of yoga styles, ranging from chair yoga to bhakti yoga and karma yoga. She has consulted both corporates and individuals on exercise, diet, and lifestyle.

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