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Personality Development Course for Leadership, Group Discussion Skills, Time Management, and Corporate Etiquette: 30 Sessions


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Program Description

While we know there is always room for improvement, it takes self-confidence to admit that out loud and enroll for a personality development course. Despite popular belief, personality development courses are beneficial for everyone, regardless of experience level, and can improve your life in imperceptible ways.

Anison Institute, a well-known Professional Development Institution, offers personality development courses that cover a broad range of subjects. These courses have been designed to help improve the portfolios of young working professionals. 

Whether you already have a job, are looking for one, or are about to enter the corporate sector, this course will help you develop into a well-rounded individual - one who is ready for any professional challenge and opportunity that comes their way! 

This Personality Development Course will cover the following topics:

- Communication Skills (Verbal and Non-Verbal)
- Presentation Skills
- Interview Skills
- Resume Writing
- Group Discussion Skills
- Interpersonal Skills
- Team Building Skills
- Time Management 
- Goal Setting
- Leadership Skills
- Decision-Making Skills
- Stress Management
- Corporate Etiquette and Professionalism 
- Business Writing
- Critical Thinking 
- Creative Thinking 
- Managing Conflicts 
- Motivational Skills 

You can choose either course structure: 
1. Regular Course: Classes three days a week (weekdays), or on the weekend
2. Crash Course: Classes Monday-Friday (all 5 days) 

Each Class Duration: 1 hour 
Package: 30 Classes 

A certificate will be provided to all students after completion of the course.

About Anison Institute  

Educational and Professional Development Institute

Anison Institute is a unique and accomplished firm focused on providing Short-Term Professional Courses, Training Programs in Corporates and Institutions for Professional Development, and Brand Consultation Services to various organizations. Since its inception in 2004, Anison Institute has believed in transformational learning - every aspect of their training must impact every learner in a meaningful way. Anison Institute offers multidisciplinary programs in: - Digital Marketing - Designing Courses - Marketing Courses - IT Courses - Management Courses - Personality Development Courses - English Speaking Courses - Foreign Language Courses The institute has been established to introduce Entrepreneurial, Job-Oriented, and Professional Training Programs to increase employability and entrepreneurship among working professionals. They have the industry’s best and brightest trainers and facilitators. They ensure that the professional courses at the Anison Institute stay abreast of business trends while developing a profound social consciousness. When they aren’t helping learners increase knowledge through their training programs and workshops, they can be found working their magic behind the scenes - whether this is by helping to produce extraordinary leadership programs or by consulting with clients to help make their education and training portfolios more effective and market-driven. The Professional Short Term Courses have been set up to promote entrepreneurship and foster innovation among the youth of India. To develop a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce, Anison Institute continually reviews and updates their course content according to industry requirements. Additionally, they have specialized programs for a range of professionals - from junior-level to senior-level management. The cost-saving and time-efficient Short-Term Professional Courses and Training Programs at Anison Institute deliver relevant advanced knowledge and empower industry professionals with both Professional Development and Personality Development Skills.

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