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Personal Training for Strength Building, Flexibility, and Weight Management


Monday to Saturday, 11 am - 5 pm


English, Hindi

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Program Description

Getting fit is on everyone's bucket list. However, it is also the most quickly broken New Year's resolution. This is because people often expect instantaneous results and are generally against the soreness that follows a workout. 

But getting fit does not necessarily mean paying an expensive gym membership and feeling guilty about it for months! You can work out very easily at home using bodyweight exercises and everyday household equipment. 

Vikash Kumar of VK Fitness specializes in creating personalized workout routines based on specific needs. A personal trainer, he ensures that all his routines feature a good ratio of strength training, flexibility, balancing, and breathwork. He can also design workout regimes for weight management concerns and targeted weight loss. 

You can consult VK Fitness for the following routines: 

- Bodyweight workouts
- Functional and CrossFit training
- High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
- Core workout
- Home gadgets workout
- Body balancing
- Breathing techniques

About Vk Fitness  

Personal Training and Fitness

Vikash Kumar is the owner and founder of VK Fitness, one of the most definitive fitness studio of Patna, Bihar. Armed with an MA in Physical Education, Vikash started his career in fitness training over twelve years ago. His motto is to create new workouts specially designed for optimum strength building, flexibility, and weight management. His specific area of expertise is CrossFit training and creating personalized fitness regimens based on CrossFit methods for individual needs. VK Fitness offers weightlifting guidance, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and classes on aerobic exercises.

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