Parental Guidance and Early Childhood Education Program for New Parents of Children Aged 3 Months - 3 Years


Monday - Friday, 11 AM - 6 PM


English, Hindi

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Rs. 936.0 for 60 Minutes Session


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Program Description

Early childhood is a time of wonder and exponential growth for both the child and the parents.

While the child is learning how to live in this world and interact with the environment around them, the parents are learning how to accommodate a tiny human being who is still developing. 

This is a trying time for new parents as small children demand all your attention, time, and energy. To ensure that your child is appropriately stimulated and learning all the right things, parenting coach Janvi Kamdar is offering parental guidance sessions on Spark.Live! 

She can assist you with children from the ages of 3 months - 3 years. This is an extremely formative time in a child's life, when they're usually only surrounded by their parents.

Janvi's sessions will help you figure out how to utilize this time to create a healthy parenting strategy and deal with any issues that may crop up. 

She can help with all of the following: 

  • Behavioral issues 
  • Helping parents come up with play-based activities 
  • Guiding parents on how to deal with the emotional and physical needs of quickly growing children 
  • Positive parenting 
  • Content-based play 
  • Positive affirmations 
  • Homeschooling 
  • How to talk to your child about important topics 
  • Fostering open communication 
  • Creating trust and goodwill 

About Janvi Kamdar  

Early Childhood Educator, Parenting Coach, and Founder of 'Early Buds'

Janvi Kamdar has been an Early Childhood Educator and Parenting Coach for the past five years. 

She holds undergraduate degrees in Psychology from Mumbai University and in Special Education from SNDT University. She also holds a master's degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Michigan. 

Janvi strongly believes in the power of early learning, for both children and parents. 

She is passionate about learning through play and follows the Reggio Emilia Philosophy. This approach to early childhood education values the child as capable, resilient, and strong. It's a child-centered approach that focuses on experiential learning to encourage communication, logical reasoning, problem-solving, and self-expression. 

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