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Getting fit is on everyone's bucket list, but most people put it off as it doesn't lead to instant results. 

But if you're determined to see your fitness journey through, sign up for Somharsh Ghuge's online workout sessions on Spark.Live! 

Providing both workout and nutrition guidance based on scientifically proven methods and knowledge, Somharsh will not just guide you through your current fitness journey but will set you up for life. 

Basics of proper workout form, how to plan your meals, and understanding your nutritional requirements - this essential knowledge will help you customize your workout and nutrition plan according to your changing needs. 

With a complete workout and nutrition profile, there is nothing stopping you from getting fit and, most importantly, staying fit and healthy! 

Sign up for Somharsh's online workout and nutrition sessions on Spark.Live today! 

About Somharsh Ghuge

Certified Fitness Trainer, Meal Planner, and YouTuber

Somharsh Ghuge is a Certified Personal Trainer and Meal Planner with over two years of experience. 

He is certified from the University of Mumbai as a Fitness Trainer and from Dr Dhananjay More for Scientific Meal Planning for Weight Management.

Helping people become fit and realize their health goals is his passion. Somharsh is a Civil Engineer by day and has worked as a lecturer at Government Polytechnic Mumbai. 

A fitness trainer who guarantees a positive outcome through scientifically proven methods of nutrition control and regular workout, Somharsh's online sessions are fun, informative, and result-driven. 

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