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Program Description

Are you often criticised by your Partner? Are you unable to take decisions together or find comfort in each other? Do you long for love and a partner who will understand you?

It is natural to feel angry, let down or disappointed in relationships. One can feel depressed and one can withdraw into one’s own shell, losing the desire to engage with one’s family or friends. But, remember, you are not alone. The frictions of daily life can chip away at the romance and love you feel for your boyfriend or wife, and it can make you bitter. But, with the right help, you can find ways to rebuild what you have once lost.

Meet Amol Wagle, reputed Life Coach & Counsellor from Mumbai, who is going to offer you simple relationship advice that you can follow step by step, through small acts and gestures, that will transform your relationship and life. Learn the ‘Art of Having a Harmonious and Long-Lasting Relationship’ in this 45-minute interactive online session and discover a new relationship you have always longed for.

About Amol Wagle  

Amol Wagle is a multi-faceted personality, with a streak of bubbling entrepreneurship.

Amol Wagle is a multi-faceted personality, with a streak of bubbling entrepreneurship. He has been an internationally rated Chess player for over a decade now and has captained teams from Mumbai to victory in several prestigious Chess tournaments. With over 20,000+ teaching & training hours, Amol has also been deeply engaged in transforming lives of top corporate professionals from multiple sectors, across the globe, through path breaking innovative workshops and tailor made learning & development initiatives. Now an International Faculty with the Art of Living foundation, after doing his first Art of Living course in 2000, he was inspired to become an instrument for spreading the knowledge and vision of his master H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. And since then, he has travelled to various parts of India, Europe & Eurasia transforming lives of more than 70,000+ people from all walks of life, through life transforming workshops like the powerful Happiness Program, Youth Empowerment Seminar, the life trans- forming Dynamism for Self & Nation (DSN) & The Teachers Training Program (TTP). He strongly believes in ‘Celebrating life with happiness, through knowledge’. His key inspiration is sharing his master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s vision of a ‘Violence – Free & Stress – Free World’.

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