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Learn the Art of Balance with Ace Fitness Trainer Jayna Bhalla


Saturday and Sunday - 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm



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Program Description

During a time of uncertainty, it is natural to feel anxious. And anxiety can take a toll on your health and heart, and your ability to stay calm and fit. But, hold on. Do not panic, do not get frustrated — for it is easy to find balance if you look deep inside you. Join Jayna Bhalla for a short session — and discover a side of you that you have never witnessed before. She will introduce you to simple yoga exercises, mini cardio drills and basic strength training that will relieve you of stress and help you find balance amidst the chaos. What’s more, it will help you battle the bulge and give you toned abs and legs as a bonus. Loosely fitted clothes are a must for this session.

About Jayna Bhalla  

Jayna Bhalla is a fitness enthusiast from Delhi. She has been practising yoga for many years, specialising in the art of finding balance in one’s body and mind. She loves sports and has actively taken part in marathons. She has been giving customised classes to clients at different levels of expertise.

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