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Are you interested in learning Carnatic music?

Carnatic music has a rich history and tradition and is one of the gems of world music. 

Carnatic singer Sonia George is providing a unique opportunity to learn Carnatic Vocal Music from the convenience of your own home through highly structured Carnatic Music Classes on Spark.Live.

Sonia George's classes are ideal for those pursuing a professional singing career, or just picking up a fun hobby.

The core objectives of these classes are:

  • Acquiring knowledge of the basic concepts of raga and tala.
  • Getting exposure to one or more languages.
  • Creating interest among students regarding learning Carnatic music.
  • Getting familiar with notes.
  • Gaining knowledge of upper and lower octaves.
  • Basic sense of timing / rhythm.

About Sonia George

Carnatic Singer and Medical Student

Sonia George is a Carnatic singer, music educator, songwriter, and medical student. With twelve years of Carnatic vocal training, Sonia believes in the transformative power of music. 

As a music teacher, Sonia is positive and patient and has tons of experience teaching young beginners. She breaks the lessons down into simple language and teaches kids with care and concern.

Sonia knows that music has the ability to change lives, make people happier, and give them a real purpose in life. It is a medium of self-expression that can have a meditative effect if taught by the right teacher.

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