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Learn How 2020's Great Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction May Affect Your Career and Love Life


8:00 PM on Tue, 22 December

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In astrology, a planetary conjunction happens when two or more planets line up with each other - and when they do, their vibrations start affecting the other planet and have a lasting impact on human life.

The Great Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is an extremely rare event. It occurs once in many decades, and is associated with political and social upheavals. What may happen to you now will affect you for years to come.

This conjunction, happening on 21 December 2020, is one where Jupiter and Saturn will appear the closest together in the night sky in four centuries!

But what does the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction mean for one's life, career, and love life?

Find out in this online course by reputed astrologer and teacher P.R. Selva Ganesh.

Jupiter (Brihaspati) is the enterprising and adventurous planet, whereas Saturn (Shani) is the restrained, stabilising influence. Together, they make an electric combination!

There will be a lot of changes in your life, especially in your career and financial status. And as P.R. Selva Ganesh will explain in this 4-day online astrology masterclass, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will benefit you most if you're ready to take charge and learn from your mistakes. 

A Great Conjunction is time for you to let go of old habits and make way for the new. 

Learn about how you can make the most of this Conjunction in this 4-day course.

The course starts on 22 December and will last for 4 days, till 25 December. The timing for all 4 days is 8 - 10 PM. 

About P.R. Selva Ganesh

Astrologer, Astrology Teacher, Founder of 'Jataka Vedhan Astro Research Center,' and Civil Engineer


P.R. Selva Ganesh is an astrologer, astrology teacher, and civil engineer. While he has been a civil engineer for 34 years, his experience in astrology is for over five years and is a result of his undying passion for it. 

He pursued a Basic Astrology course in 2015 at the Siva Astrological Bureau, followed by specialization courses in Chandra Nadi Jyothisham Viththagan and Jama Graha Aruda Prashna in 2017 at the GK Astro Foundation. He is also well-versed in Brigu Chakra Paddathi from Saptarishis Astrology in Mumbai. 

With hundreds of satisfied clients all over the globe, Selva Ganesh practises various astrological methods for divining your future: 

  • Traditional Parashara 
  • Bhrigu Nandi Nadi 
  • Jama Graha Aruda Prashna
  • Numerology
  • Vaastu Shastra
  • Karma Jyothish

Additionally, you can consult him for astrology lessons here on Spark.Live - as he specializes in teaching Vedic Astrology and Vaastu Shastra. In these classes, Selva Ganesh will empower you to calculate and study your own birth chart and even provide you with sophisticated software that astrologers use. 

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