Arts & Crafts Classes for Kids (Age: 3 - 11) - Learn Drawing, Painting, and Easy Home Crafts


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Helping your child make something with their own hands is the best way to improve their mood, provide them a healthy outlet, bond with them, or even keep them busy! 

However, we often forget the importance of arts and crafts as we grow up. Thankfully, your kids can still take advantage of this opportunity to learn new skills, improve their hand-eye coordination - and , who knows, become the next M.F. Hussain! 

With professional artists and painter Prithwish Daw's online arts and crafts classes on Spark.Live, your son / daughter will learn the following: 

  • Introduction to and importance of art 
  • Making crafts at home using plastic and other common household items 
  • How art enriches society 
  • Nurture their creative spirit 
  • Improve their mental and emotional health 
  • How to see opportunity instead of waste 

These skills that your children will learn will help them figure out life as it is right now and prepare them for the future. Additionally, art can also be used as a form of therapy to help your child express their emotions. 

So, if your child has a creative streak or you simply want to have some time to yourself during a busy day, sign them up for Prithwish's online arts and crafts classes today! 

About Prithwish Daw

Professional Artist, Painter, and Arts & Crafts Teacher

Prithwish Daw is a Professional Artist, Painter, and Arts & Crafts Teacher with over a decade of experience. He holds a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and MFA from Rabrindrabharti University in Kolkata. 

He has participated in various art shows and exhibitions, as an individual and as part of a group. Some of these are listed below: 

  • Annual exhibition of ISOA, 2007-2011
  • Group exhibition by Gaganendra Shilpa Pradarshashala, 2008 
  • Bangla Sanskritimela exhibition in Kolkata, 2009
  • Participated in a workshop arranged by Bangla Sanskriti Mela in Kolkata, 2009
  • Annual exhibition of ICAD, 2010
  • Group exhibition arranged by Pentagon at Academy of Fine Arts, 2013
  • Annual exhibition of Birla Art & Culture, 2016 and 2017
  • Translation - an exhibition organized by Emergent Art Space (San Francisco) at ICCR, Kolkata, 2016
  • Annual exhibition of Emami Art Gallery, 2016
  • Participated in the Kochi Students Biennale, 2016 
  • Synergy Group Show in Kerala, 2018
  • Participated in the Moshirekha workshop organized by Rabindrabharti University, 2018
  • Abir India exhibition, 2019
  • Calling Across the Distance - online show organized by Emergent Art Space, 2020
  • Kaka Kalashepam Art Exhibition online show, 2020

Consult Prithwish Daw for online arts and crafts classes for your children and teenagers - and nurture their creative spirit. 

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