Nutrition Consultation and Lifestyle Modification for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Thyroid, Hypertension, and Pediatric Nutrition by Nutritionist Enakshi Mukherjee | SparkLive Expert

Nutrition Consultation and Lifestyle Modification for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Thyroid, Hypertension, and Pediatric Nutrition


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Program Description

Good nutrition is essential for good health now and in the future. Additionally, it is widely known that [your gut holds the key to your mood]( Thus, good and healthy nutrition can help keep the blues away. 

However, what constitutes 'good' and 'healthy' nutrition differs from person to person. Factors such as pre-existing medical conditions, fitness goals, and availability of ingredients play a major role in a customized diet plan. 

A clinical nutritionist can help create a diet plan for you that takes into consideration all these factors, and much more! Enakshi Mukherjee Adhikary, a nutritionist with over five years of experience, is particularly skilled at creating diet and nutrition plans for people suffering from lifestyle disorders. 

She can also help create plans for your children to ensure they get the required nutrients through their daily diet. This has the added benefit of inculcating healthy food habits in them from a young age. 

Offering online nutrition consultation on lifestyle modification through Spark.Live, you can approach Enakshi for any of the following health concerns: 

- Weight management 
- Weight loss 
- Pediatric nutrition 
- Diabetes 
- Thyroid 
- Hypertension 
- Digestive issues 
- General fitness

About Nutritionist Enakshi Mukherjee  

Nutrition Consultant and Founder of 'Nutriliving'


Enakshi Mukherjee Adhikary is a nutrition consultant, and the owner and founder of Nutriliving. She has over five years of experience in the field of nutrition.  She holds an MSc in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services, and has interned as a junior dietitian at the Apollo Gleneagles Hospital in Kolkata. She followed this up with a two-year stint as a nutritionist at Health Total by Anjali Mukherjee in Mumbai.  Currently, she is self-employed, and is the owner and founder of her nutrition consultancy business called [Nutrilving](  Enakshi specializes in weight management, pediatric nutrition, and lifestyle disorders. 

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