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Program Description

Failures are the stepping stones to success.

We all know this - but do we remember this line when we face hardships or obstacles?

Failures hurt our ego and our sense of pride; failures stop us from experimenting and trying out new opportunities. What we do not realise is that failure is something every person encounters - and an intelligent person will use failure as a tool to understand their life and gain success. Because, attitude is the most important thing.

Speak to Vinay Rawat today to get a different perspective on your life. Vinay is someone who had made plans, but they didn't work out. He had to drop out during his third year at the Doon Institute of Technology. But he didn't let this adversity overtake his life. Currently he is employed - and happily so.

Sometimes, we feel more comfortable speaking to a stranger - you never know who can create a positive impact on your life. Vinay understands how to talk to anyone who is feeling down and out. After a session with him, you will definitely start to understand how to convert your failures to success.

About Vinay Rawat  

Motivational Speaker


Vinay Rawat is currently working at a trading company as a Marketing Officer. He also does freelance video projects and works part-time as a videographer, editor, content creator, and director.  As a BTech dropout from the Doon Institue of Technology, Vinay understands the power of words. Having gone through this difficult experience, he knows what it takes to motivate someone to get back confidence and rebuild one's life again. He uses examples from his own life to inspire people.

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