Help Your Child Become a Young Achiever Without Sacrificing Their Studies through Theatre-Based Methodologies: 3-Day Masterclass


Friday & Saturday, 6 - 7 PM, Sunday, 6 - 8 PM

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Parents, were you brought up thinking that a great academic score will set you up for life? Are you passing on the same lessons to your kids even though you know the game has changed? Do you wish to provide your child with the right guidance but don't know how?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, then keep reading!

Today, even applying to a good university requires more than just a high academic score. Universities are constantly looking for all-rounders with a wide variety of offerings. However, you may think that encouraging your child to branch out will come at the cost of their academics, which is still incredibly important.

But you couldn't be more wrong!

Jon Pradeep JL, India's first theatre-based life coach for children and parents, routinely runs a program he calls 'Young Achievers Success Secrets' where he helps both kids and parents catch up to current times. This 3-day program has created innovators, young national award winners, and social media influencers.

For instance, 16-year-old Lalitha Adwitha has won the National Balshree award from the President of India and secured admission into a university in London!  

13-year-old Aditya has invented his own product and is now routinely invited to speak to MBA students! 

How do you get your child to scale these heights? Well, to begin with, sign up for the Young Achievers Success Secrets 3-day masterclass! This program, held through WhatsApp and Zoom, will help your child discover: 

  • Day 1: Find their core strength and core values 
  • Day 2: Decide on their 'share-worthy' story 
  • Day 3: Set up their support system, involving the right people and platforms to achieve this share-worthy story, followed by a graduation ceremony 

And this isn't just a program for your kids! During these 3 days, you will also receive 1-hour of face time with John so you can aid your child in building their right support system! 

Does this sound great? Wait, it isn't over yet!

When your child becomes an Achiever, they will: 

They will also achieve one, or more, of the following: 

  • Author a book 
  • Become a blogger 
  • Become a vlogger 
  • Become a podcaster 
  • Be an award winner 
  • Be a speaker or influencer 
  • Become an inventor 
  • Work on a community development project 

To make the pot even sweeter, if you sign up NOW, you will receive the following BONUS features worth ₹17,448! 

BONUS: Free 'How to Become a Superhero' e-book worth ₹499 

BONUS: Lifetime access to John's Real-Life Incredibles parents community worth ₹5000 per year 

BONUS: Lifetime access for your kids to the 'Gang of Real-Life Incredibles' on his online platform wroth ₹10,000

BONUS: Free 'Building Your Support System' workshop worth ₹1999 for parents

At the end of the 3 days, if you feel that this program wasn't worth it, John will refund you the entire workshop fee!

Please note the timings for these 3 days:

  • Friday: 6 - 7 PM (Parents will join at 6:45 PM) 
  • Saturday: 6 - 7 PM (Parents will join at 6:45 PM) 
  • Sunday: 6 - 8 PM (Parents will join at 7 PM) 

Sign up your child and yourself for John's 3-day weekend program and become a Super Parent! After all, there's no way a Super Parent will say no to all the above for a price less than that of a pizza!

About John Pradeep J.L.

India's First Theatre-Based Life Coach for Parents and Kids

John Pradeep J.L. is India's first theatre-based life coach with over a decade of experience in working with children, teenagers, and parents. 

One of the most engaging keynote speakers in India, John strives to become a top motivational speaker. 

Till date, John has trained over 10,000 children and adults on how to find their passion, emotional skills, social skills, and leadership abilities. He utilizes theatre methodologies such as puppetry, clowning, miming, plays, and shadow theatre to reach through and coach people of all ages. This helps make the curriculum fun and engaging for everyone. 

He is an active member of Passion Pay International (USA), the World Clown Association (USA), and Schoolopreneur India. Due to this fun story-telling method of engaging students and young children, John is often invited as a guest speaker at schools and student gatherings. 

Because coaching is his core strength, John is the Academic Dean of Evam's Happy Crow, a theatre-based education movement for children functioning across South India. He is also a Senior Corporate Trainer at Sideways Training, India's foremost art-based behavioral training company. 

John has a simple philosophy: 'enabling parents to coach their own children is the most effective way of coaching children.' 

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