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Program Description

In this age of Snapchat and Instagram filters, we are surrounded by people with perfect skin. But things are not always what they seem. These filters are notorious for lightening your skin tone and clearing up any imperfections, leading the rest of us to feel inferior for no reason! 

The rise of make-up gurus on YouTube and Instagram has led to our feeds being filled with recommendations from people all over the world. From figuring out your skin type to finding your undertone, there are tips and tricks for everything. But with so much advice and so many voices shouting at you from your phone screen, whom do you trust?

Shruti Shah is here to make this process easier. Certified from a beauty salon, she has first-hand knowledge of Indian skin tones and their issues. Having worked with hundreds of Indian clients, she can advise you on:

- Cleansing and moisturising your skin
- Choosing the right foundation shade
- How to contour you nose and cheekbones to make them look sharper
- Which serums to use at night
- Which blush and lipstick to go with
- And much more.

So no more advice from models and actors who do not use the products they endorse! Get advice from a real, desi make-up guru. Shruti will offer you the following in this one-on-one video consultation, where you can show her a close-up of your face and hair, and discuss your own specific problems:

- Easy-to-follow techniques for make-up application 
- Personalized skin care consultation for every skin type 
- Recommendations for make-up and skincare products 

Get your own stylist at a very affordable price and look gorgeous!

About Shruti Shah  

Certified Makeup and Skincare Consultant

Shruti Shah is a make-up artist and skincare consultant from Dehradun. Certified from Cloud 9 Salon, she knows a lot of different hacks and techniques of make-up application.  She can advise you regarding make-up application for different face shapes, provide recommendations for affordable drugstore make-up and skincare products, and give you a customized skincare routine for your skin type and concern.  She believes that skincare and make-up go hand-in-hand - if you take care of your skin, you will need less make-up. Additionally, taking care of your skin and religiously following a skincare routine from your 20s can lead to fewer wrinkles, dark spots, acne, and sagging skin.

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