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Program Description

Do you want to become a writer but are not sure where to start? Have you started writing but are looking for ways to take it to the next level? Have you written a book but are dreaming of getting published? Or, do you want to learn the art of writing to secure a job as a journalist?

Help is at hand. Consult internationally published writer Anwesha Mittra, who will teach you the 7 essential steps you can take to develop a strong foundation in writing. In this 45-minute creative writing class, you will learn the following:

1. How to draw inspiration for your stories from impressions and incidents in your own life
2. How to inculcate the habit of writing every day
3. How to stand back and read your own writing with objectivity
4. How to edit and proof-read your writing to give it polish
5. How to prevent writer's block
6. How to not slow down when you are feel low or uninspired
7. How to frame a story

What are the different elements of narrative fiction / story-telling that you will learn here?

1. How to use non-linearity in story writing
2. How to use memory as a technique
3. How to write books for children
4. How to construct a short story
5. How to prepare yourself for a novel
6. How to create memorable characters
7. How to create a believable milieu

What are the best methods to follow before you submit a manuscript to a publisher?

1. Reading and re-reading your own work to identify flaws in arguments or causality
2. Researching on important dates or events you have referred to
3. Reading similar books in the same genre to see how your stands out
4. Cleaning up the manuscript for hagiography or plagiarism
5. Checking vocabulary and usage of words
6. Understanding the market for your own book
7. Knowing how to sell your book internationally with the right agent and publisher

But what if you want to become a blogger? Anwesha will teach you that too:

1. Being aware of current trends in writing
2. Being critically conscious of racism, sexism, and so on
3. Being able to express ideas in a concise fashion
4. Starting your piece with a bang to hold readers' interest
5. Using keywords that will help the piece come up on top of search results
6. Using first-person narrative to hold interest
7. Developing your own unique voice

And what are the best practices to become a writer with a newspaper or magazine?

1. Being aware of current affairs and trends
2. Constantly staying up-to-date with national and world news
3. Becoming comfortable with taking interviews of celebs or political leaders
4. Learning the art of networking
5. Learning to develop your own personality through your writing
6. Using shout lines and images to enhance the look of your page
7. Practising writing regularly

The writing profession offers many opportunities for those skilled in the written word. You can build a creative, yellow-collar career that can be fun, profitable and fulfilling. This class is perfect for writers, journalists, bloggers and enthusiasts looking for a creative outlet. It will give you some tools that will come in handy to build a long-term career in writing or editing.

About Anwesha Mittra  

Journalist, Content Editor, and Author

Anwesha Mittra has been in the writing profession for over 14 years as a journalist/features writer, and now as an author. She has the experience of working with well-named publications such as The Times of India by leading their online Life & Style section, as well as writing elaborate features for Times Life and the Sunday Times. This was followed by her stint at India Today’s Men’s Health magazine, where she was responsible for writing cover features.    Her specializations have been in lifestyle and society, with a special fondness for travel. Currently, she is serving as the Content Head for for the past five years, where she writes and curates blogs, and works on research-based articles with a keen eye for SEO.   Her debut book, No Lemon in My Lemon Tart and Other Poy Stories, released last year in London, and then went on to release all over the world. While it is available on Amazon in India, it is possible to buy it off popular bookstores worldwide like Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, Booktopia, and Brown Brothers, to name a few. The book is her ode to the eight virtues of life she holds dear and is her way of telling her daughter (Poy, the protagonist in each story) about them.

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