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Do you want to become the business leader you aspire to be?

Find help from India's top risingpreneur Ankit Vijay and Rohil Dhaka.

Ankit and Rohil are the founders of Making Spark, India’s leading Training & Skill Development Organisation. They are offering Classes for Business Development Training on Spark.Live.

They will provide a powerful preparation toolkit that you can use to look knowledgeable and create a Sustainable, Profitable & Scalable business model.

In addition to this, they will impart knowledge on powerful body language and tone techniques to instantly connect you with your trainees. You will be able to rediscover and unleash your potential.

Through Ankit and Rohil’s online classes for Business Growth, you will be able to:

  • Build your reputation as a trainer
  • Build subject matter expertise
  • Identify your business category and roadmap
  • Make yourself fire-proof
  • Conduct high-quality training sessions
  • Move ahead in your training career

Take Your Small Business to the Next Level.

About Ankit Vijay And Rohil Dhaka

Business, Career, Personality, and Relationship Mentors

About Ankit Vijay:

Ankit Vijay is one of India's top risingpreneur & Global Pride award-winning motivational Speaker, with over five years of training experience.

Ankit is the Founder & CEO of Making Spark, India’s leading Training & Skill Development Organisation. Through his amazing output-oriented training programs, Ankit has changed the lives of more than 50K people.

Ankit has extensive experience in leadership, business sales, start-up mentorship, business administration, and business motivation. In addition to this, he also provides counseling on parenting and relationship.

Ankit's dream is to establish 10 Lakh Risingprenurs and transform 40 crore lives.​

About Rohil Dhaka:

Rohil Dhaka is a Health & Business Automation Mentor with extensive knowledge in the field of professional training, executive coaching, life mentorship, healthcare consultation, and public speaking. He has good at problem-solving and situation-handling, whether it's a personal or a professional situation.

As a Health-Business Automation Mentor, Rohil has changed the lives of more than 10K people through his training programs. His goal is to transform the lives of those who are struggling to achieve their fitness goals.

Rohil Dhaka is providing start-up mentoring to budding start-ups for vertical growth.

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