Soft Skill Training to Boost Business Performance: 8 Classes


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Soft skills are not taught at college or university. Yet soft skills are the most potent tool you need if you want to become a manager, make a sale, or do PR. In fact, soft skills come into play at every business or client meeting.

If you're having trouble identifying your soft skills, or you know what soft skills you have but want to develop them more, join Mercy Mathew’s classes on Spark.Live.

Mercy Mathew is a Language Coach and Development Expert with eight years of experience in teaching and training. Whether you are concerned about your body language, your communication abilities or networking skills, or your ability to speak well in a board meeting, Mercy can assist you.

Through Mercy's classes, you will develop essential soft skills such as Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills, Networking, Business Etiquette, and Language Skills.

Mercy can provide guidance on:

  • How to develop intelligence to navigate your environment
  • Guidance to develop a body positive attitude
  • One-on-one coaching on good communication
  • Advice on styling and posture
  • Tips on how to exude confidence at interviews and business meetings
  • Tips on business etiquette

Upon completion of this course, you will be provided with a certificate.

About Mercy Mathew

Language Trainer and Development Expert

Mercy Mathew is a Language Coach and Development Expert with eight years of experience in teaching and training. She has a rich portfolio of working in the corporate and education sectors.

She offers varied services like strategic consultancy, image building, career counseling, personality development, and public speaking to institutions as well as professionals. Her interactions with people in various organizations brought forth her desire and passion to upskill talented professionals in areas where they may be lacking so that they can move up the ladder effortlessly.

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