Learn Online Live Teaching and Content Management: Workshop


16 August 2020 - 5 PM to 6.30 PM


English, Hindi

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Program Description

With the Covid-19 pandemic ravaging the world, face-to-face teaching and reopening of schools seem far away. Until that time, teachers all over the world have been asked to conduct online classroom sessions to encourage students to keep learning and ensure there is no gap in their education and career prospects. 

However, online teaching differs significantly from in-person teaching. Due to the novel nature of this type of instruction, this can be a challenge for both students and teachers. Teachers depend a lot on body language and facial expressions to figure out whether the class is following his / her lessons, or even if they are attentive! This is considerably difficult to do online. 

Nihar Hirani is here to help teachers and instructors by teaching them how to teach online! With over a decade of experience in online teaching, Nihar knows how to structure your lesson plan for optimal learning and instruction. 

This program will contain the following: 

How to find students online: 
In this section, Nihar will suggest different websites through which teachers can find students, and share his personal experiences with them.

How to create one's unique selling point (USP):
He will show how to add fun activities during an online class, along with specific examples. This section will include a demo for a one-on-one class.

Free and paid websites for study material:
Nihar will guide on which websites to refer to for the best study materials for different subjects and boards.

Creating digital content like computerized quizzes:
Tips on the software used to create computerized quizzes, including a walkthrough of the said software.

How to use YouTube:
Advise on how YouTube can help one grow one's teaching business, and different ways to make educational videos for YouTube.

Products used in educational videos:
Nihar will suggest some products one can use to make interesting, informative educational videos.

About Nihar Hirani  

Online Educator and Mathematics Teacher

Nihar Hirani is a full-time freelance international tutor of primarily mathematics but also physics, chemistry, and biology. With over ten years of experience in online teaching, he has taught school students from the US, Switzerland, China, and Hong Kong. He was a 2017 finalist in Khan Academy's Teacher's Talent Hunt (India). His experience of mentoring students for different school boards such as IB (International Baccalaureate), ICSE, CBSE (India), and GSEB (Gujarat Secondary Education Board) has enabled him to touch the lives of hundreds of students.  He is skilled in using and integrating innovative technology to support classroom teaching and learning activities. Seasoned in optimizing various online resources and content management systems for effective teaching, Nihar Hirani has created learning modules for the Indian curriculum.  His YouTube channel, 'Nihar Hirani', has over 12.4k subscribers.

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