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Dancing is one of the best ways to reduce stress, let off steam, work out, and have fun all at the same time! 

Raja Vyas, a well-known dancer, specializes in various dance forms, especially fusion forms. This allows you to flirt with elements from many different dance styles without committing to any one!

Each of Raja's online dance classes lasts for 1.5 hours and features the following breakdown: 

  • Warmup - 15 minutes 
  • Basic steps and techniques - 15 minutes 
  • Choreography - 60 minutes 

This breakdown is followed by most dance instructors and is perfect to prepare you mentally and physically. Plus, you end every class with a fun piece of choreography to some of your favorite songs, leaving you with a happy sense of accomplishment. 

You can book a session with Raja on Spark.Live for online dance classes in any of the following dance forms: 

  • Classical 
  • Contemporary 
  • Waacking 
  • Latin fusion 
  • Bollywood 
  • Semi-classical 
  • Bhangra 
  • Indo-contemporary 
  • Bollywaack (Bollywood + Waacking) 
  • Freestyle 
  • Folk dance 
  • Classicwaack (Classical + Waacking) 

Open to teens and adults, these dance classes will leave you feeling good about yourself and provide you with opportunities to socialize with other people from the comfort of your home. 

Book a session with Raja today to experience the joys of dance! 

About Raja Vyas

Dancer, Choreographer, Yoga Instructor, and Founder of 'Rhythm Dance Company'

Raja Vyas is a Dancer, Choreographer, and Certified Yoga Instructor with over eight years of teaching experience. He is also the founder of his dance school, Rhythm Dance Company. 

He has completed Intensive Training Program at Nritya Shakti Studio and has played the role of Krishna in the musical 'Krishna and Kaamdev.'

Trained in Classical dancing, contemporary, waacking, Latin fusion, and semi-classical dance forms, Raja has participated in and won various dance-centered talent shows. 

Some of his accomplishments are listed below: 

  • Finalist at the Entertainer No. 1 by Flipkart 
  • Finalist at The War of Talent 
  • Represented India at the World Dance League (video)
  • Reached third level in Dance Deewane 
  • Selected for Dance+ 
  • Reached third level in DID (Dance India Dance) Season 4 and 6 
  • Winner of Sitaron Ki Khoj on Doordarshan 
  • Contestant on Jam Ke Naach 
  • 4 x Winner of National Dance Competitions 
  • 5 x Winner of State Dance Competitions 
  • Reached National Level at Just Dance India (video

Along with this, Raja has conducted multiple dance workshops in cities all over the country and has choreographed multiple school annual functions and wedding sangeet events. 

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