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Program Description

Do you want to take amazing photos and build a portfolio for yourself? Do you want to know tips and tricks that will make your photographs stand out from others? Or, do you want to start a photography business?

Try Bosco’s online class today. Seasoned fashion and wedding photographer, Bosco Naveen is a well-known face in the Bangalore fashion circuit with over a decade of experience in the field. He is here to give you a one-on-one lesson on how you can kickstart your hidden photography skills. This class is designed for beginners and intermediates, and is meant to equip you with basic skills to start a business or build a portfolio.

Here you will learn the following:

—How the camera works

—Shooting in manual mode

—Exposure, Colour Balance, Focus, Depth-of-Field, Composition and Lighting

—Basic equipment to buy when starting out

—Professional photo editing

—How to start a photography business and make money

—Different styles of photograph: Portrait, Landscape, Low-Light Photography, Event & Wedding Photography

Don’t wait — try a class and see the results for yourself, even if it is just to build your Instagram profile!

About Bosco Naveen  

Become a fashion and wedding photographer

Bosco is a senior wedding/event and fashion photographer. He is a DOP (Director of Photography) with experience in both professional and freelance photography. Running his own studio from Bangalore, he has an intimate knowledge of a range of photography experiences — from taking high quality digital photographs, including framing, selecting and setting up lighting, to determining advanced shutter and lens options. He believes in a clean, dynamic and elegant style which has become the hallmark of his work, whether it is for shooting fashion editorials or advertisements, wedding or event photography, designer look books or beauty campaigns.

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