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We all worry about our weight. And there's nothing as efficient as a Keto Diet Plan to boost weight loss, reduce blood sugar and cholesterol, and improve muscle density.

Endless browsing through the internet to find the right diet chart can be confusing and misleading. Arijit Dey is here to make this process simple, affordable, and trustworthy.

For an affordable price, you can now consult a trusted dietician with over thirteen years of experience who has specialised in the Ketogenic Diet to aid your weight-loss goals.

Stay away from misconceptions about this hugely popular Keto Diet, which can help you shed 10-15 pounds easily.

Arijit's diet plan is a winner because of the following reasons:

1. You will receive a diet plan tailored to your lifestyle, where you know exact meal times that will fit into your busy work schedule.
2. The diet is planned according to your age, gender and physical condition.
3. Your preferred choices of food are given to you.
4. This diet plan can be availed by Indians and non-Indians alike, for Arijit keeps in mind your specific needs and body type.
5. The diet plan includes food items that are very easy to procure from your kitchen and which can be easily cooked. The ingredients are affordable too.
6. The diet plan is done in a way that it aligns with the food habits of the rest of your family.

After you receive the diet chart from Arijit, you can consult him for follow-up diet sessions. We advise weekly follow-ups especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Arijit will regularly monitor your diet and answer any questions you might have through chats / messages. You can request for a change in the diet chart as well.

If you are a sportsperson looking for a diet plan, Arijit can advise you.

Arijit can speak in English, Bengali and Hindi.

About Arijit Dey

Nutritionist and Weight Management Expert


Arijit Dey is a well known dietician from Kolkata, with over thirteen years of consulting experience. He has worked extensively in the field of nutrition, especially for Indians, and has provided varied diet plans to suit the requirements of his clients.

He is currently associated with several established organisations in Kolkata, Hooghly and Howrah.

Arijit has been working with Nightingale Hospital (Kolkata) as a senior dietician for over eleven years. He has also been working with M. ​​Endodiabetic Clinic in Malda as a Diabetic Educator.

His clients are spread across India and different parts of the US, UK and Dubai.

For the past two years, Arijit Dey has been doing online diet consultations, and his views on nutrition are regularly published in the Bengali daily 'Ei Shamay'.

He has now joined Spark.Live to provide meal plans and diet charts online.

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