Jazz and Contemporary Dance Classes with Dance Techniques and Choreography


Monday to Friday - 4 PM to 8 PM



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Program Description

Jazz and Contemporary are two of the most popular dance forms around the world. While both are Western dance forms, they differ in almost all respects - from the music they use to the techniques applied. Contemporary may evoke images of graceful, almost Ballet-like flowing movement, whereas Jazz may evoke a more urban and grounded image.

However, both dance forms require commitment, a connection to the movement and the music, and a structured class format. This includes a specified warm up (addressing strength, flexibility, and stamina), technique selection, choreography and, finally, a cool down. The techniques are taught in order of difficulty, and some of them require a certain amount of strength and flexibility.

Zoë Dominique Subbiah provides classes in both Jazz and Contemporary styles. Due to her extensive dance experience, her sessions follow the following pattern for optimal learning, body conditioning, and fun!

Warm Up

To increase the heart rate and warm up the muscles.

Joint Mobilization

Isolating the joints to maximize the range of movement.

Body Conditioning

For strength and flexibility.

Dance Technique

Techniques to understand the movement vocabulary of the style.

As a part of her Contemporary classes, Zoë will incorporate basic ballet techniques such as the positions of the arms and feet, plié and relevé sets, and foot articulation. She will also teach techniques such as contraction and release, a trademark of modern dance.

For Jazz, she will primarily focus on Jazz-Funk and Commercial Jazz.


Implementing the style in a movement phrase.

Cool Down

Ensuring that there is less likelihood of cramps.

About Zoë Dominique Subbiah  

Professional Dancer, Instructor, and Choreographer

Zoë Dominique Subbiah is a company member of That's Dance (Delhi) and the Taglioni School of Performing Arts (Gurgaon). She also teaches dance on a freelance basis.  Having trained in Jazz from Danceworx in Delhi, she moved to Jump United in Guragram to train in Street Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, and Gymnastics. She has also helped choreograph and train her college dance team in various street styles.  She pursued a Graduate Diploma in Dance Studies from Trinity Laban in London. From there, she not only improved as a dancer, but also learnt about the importance of nutrition, injury management, different dance perspectives, and choreology.  Since then, Zoë has been training in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Improvisation, and Gymnastics.

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