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Are you preparing for an exam, or want to train your brain to be smarter? In this class, you can get the following benefits:
1. Train you mind to learn faster
2. Improve your retaining power
3. Reduce your study time
4. Learn how to make your learning interesting

Aravind Pasupathy’s methods are scientifically proven and have been tested on thousands of students appearing for competitive exams.

Join the revolution of being smart — now! Harness the true potential of your memory

About Aravind Pasupathy

Study Smart Coach and Guinness World Record Holder

Aravind Pasupathy is a Study Smart Coach and a Guinness World Record Holder (2015). He is also the founder of Braino Dad, a platform dedicated to improving study skills.

While he was working with the Costa Cruise Lines of Italy, Aravind developed an interest in learning languages. Initially, he struggled a lot to learn a novel language. 

He spent years studying lots of books on how our brain works, how to memorize knowledge faster, and how to focus better. During this time, he gathered a lot of tricks and techniques on effective study skills and memory improvement. 

Soon, he could speak many European languages such as French, Spanish, and Italian. While learning these languages, he realized that anybody could learn quickly with the help of smart study skill techniques. 

To demonstrate the effectiveness of his study skills, he achieved a Guinness World Record on the longest binary number sequence memorized (270) in one minute in 2015. The purpose of this world record was to create awareness regarding alternative easy learning methods.  

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